I was headed out to the park to see if I would be able to see the osprey that I spoke of the other day.  I don’t have the lens ability to do any sort of decent job in taking a decent photo of him BUT I had hoped I might catch him, zoomed in, flying perhaps.  If I remember, I will scan the newspaper picture for you.  Maybe it will turn out decently enough.  However, as I said, I was thinking of going but I waited too late and it is far too uncomfortably humid with the warmth to go.  I would rather wait until tomorrow. 

Meanwhile Miss Catt has finished punishing me today.  The Vet tech that I had hired to pet sit while I was gone accidentally brought in fleas.  I noticed that the next evening when one jumped onto my bare foot.  Oh man.  There is nothing worse than fleas in the house.  I knew I had to act fast.  My cat never leaves the house.  It was not anything from her nor brought into the house by me.  I don’t visit anyone with pets sorry to say..no one has any that I visit.  Therefore I am not bringing them into the house.  A work friend of mine sure did bring them into my home though a couple of years ago.  He was doing work for me in my house.  I hired him to Closet Maid the closets and I wound up a true real "flea festation" after several days of work in the house as an very unpleasant "bonus"!

  He got really mad at me when I told him he had brought them in, and that he needed to be more careful in the future when he came here as it was difficult to get rid of them.  He could get mad until he got glad again as far as I was concerned.  I wasn’t too happy either with fleas all over the house and my cat and yes, before you ask..it was him that brought them.  He and his wife live on a mini farm and he has 4 mostly outside cats who were/are unfortunately covered in fleas (told me so himself) I mentioned a number of times that those collars do rare if any good.  But..who listens to me?  Moving along however..their fleas of course hitched a ride on his clothes/toolboxes/etc etc etc. and the clincher was he and I both happening to see one hop off his pant leg while we were both sitting on the porch steps talking about the job after he got here. 

SO…I have put the prescription drops on poor Miss Catt who hates them mightily though I have no idea why.  You might think that I have branded her with an iron or something.  She doesn’t say anything..she just goes under a bed and refuses to come out for a day or two.

Golly what an itchy topic.  Apparently I have nothing better to say so I will bid this and you a fine goodbye.