I suppose I got a little giddy, didn’t I, when I came upon the Osprey yesterday.  I did not expect that treat when I got there.  I had read about them in our local newspaper and knew the nest was there, somewhere, and had hoped to find that.  I never dreamed to find the occupants and hear them as well.  So I got carried away.  Ah well.  That is a part, and a significant one at that of my personality. I love wildlife, I am a happy person.  Put the two together and that is what you get..what you heard yesterday, enthusiasm.

I have another son and his son headed this way Thursday
which will necessitate planning some food purchases and so on.  He is
bringing my former niece via marriage whom I have never met.  About to
now.  She and my son have a family relationship these past several
years and she’s headed up here with him to see my ex husband (who also
has never met her) who lives in the Big City near by.  When my boy
leaves, he will pick her up and take her with them back to his city and
she will fly to her home in the North.

I read a wonderfully explanatory article about why it is not that easy to just plunk down railroad tracks and cars and start running trains for mass transportation.  We are interested now..very interested, in mass transportation for obvious reasons.  Gas prices, which are not going to go down.  No matter how you may wish, hope and think they will, they won’t.  Those days are well and truly gone.  We still are not fully utilizing the bus services we have and we clamor for train service too.  I may go ahead and address that very soon..the ins and outs of why it isn’t as easy as we think.  I certainly learned something.  For first and foremost, I never dreamed how expensive it is and next..the right of way!  Who EVER thinks of the right of way for the tracks when you start thinking of how you wish there were more trains running?  You can’t just commandeer some other entity’s tracks and say thanks..we got ’em now!   I got to see a map of passenger routes and of commercial routes.  Passenger routes are few, not unexpectedly.  There are many many things to consider.  I will see if I can think together a blog on it.

I have been to see many of you fellers.  You can see me in your stats even if I didn’t say anything. (what?  Me not say anything!  IMpossible!)