The paparazzi have been at it again! Trailing Her Royal Fluffiness as she makes her way around town. Miss Catt was spotted briefly leaving the exclusive Fan-C Feast Nightclub, having snacked on a helping of chicken hearts and livers. Witnesses report that she followed this up with a long drink of water. The lovely royal feline chose one of her many crowns to accent her wardrobe for her night on the town. Fashionistas will be interested in following her trends with regal feline accessories. And, everyone wonders how she keeps that petite crown centered on her head as she bounds up and down the hallways in her royal palace.
There have been unconfirmed reports that Miss Catt left the Fan-C Feat Nightclub on foot and was headed to the Catnip Cafe. An embedded reporter spotted her using a scratching pad and then laying across it. How does one splay themself so luxuriously yet still retain their svelte figure? It is one of her beauty secrets.
In the latest issue of Meow! magazine, she gives an in-depth interview and explains some of the various things which have helped her gain and retain her stranglehold on power. She notes one sure-fire technique to increase power is to sit on the laps of humans, who seem to be lulled into a hypnotic state by the warm, furry heat. Then, they cannot help but to obey. Another trend Miss Catt has popularized is the spinning of shed cat hair into fine silken thread. The cat fur thread is then usable for deluxe and haute couture clothing. Exclusive and trendy designers world wide are interested in the new silky cat fur thread, known by the brand name of "Cat-mere". Be sure to check the runways of Paris, Milan, and New York this fall for the latest in cat-mere designs from such famous designers as Cat-olina Herrera, Os-cat de la Renta, Dolce & Kittenbana, Purr-ada, or Estee Clawed-her. Also, there’s a nifty new plaid from Purr-berry now sweeping Europe’s trendmeisters.
Rumor has it an exclusive collection of cat-mere and synthetic cat-mere home accessories will be developed and sold by K-Mart under their exclusive Catt Boxer label. Also, rights have been sold to Kitteny’s to develop cat-mere inspired jewelry. A special technique will use heat and pressure to turn cat-mere into a beautiful crystal. Possible names for the crystal include cubic catonia or catmereique.
You know I have been by to see you…. so come by and pay your regards to Miss Catt. She loves her fans. She’s signing autographs in the lobby from 10-12 tomorrow morning… and will be selling autographed 8×10 glossies for $25… personalization is $10 extra.