Well, doggies.  I forgot the two most important things..bread and milk, for my family visitorsThursday, so I hauled myself out into the driving rain (we sure needed it) and got those and a few other items I needed.  Especially dessert items.  Not too much cooking for me to do as the main reason for my son and grandson to be here was my son’s High School reunion..his first.  So, outside of dining at home Thursday night..it was just me and the little guy after that.  We kept one another company..went visiting and so on.  But I digress as Sophia so often did.
I had one last thing to buy and that would be milk.  I had my eye on the rows of milk looking in that unfamiliar store for the skim milk.  (sale!!!) Then, with my eyes focused on the milk trying to and having found the skim milk area..a very bad pain occurred in the side of my knee cap.  I was not able to understand how I could have hurt myself and  so I stood there and puzzled accordingly. 
I rubbed my poor paining knee, and as I was bent over to do that, I saw what happened.  Some marketing genius had a great idea.  Actually it was a good idea.  Just done in a stupid way.  Someone had decided that as this was where the milk was….by gosh then we are going to put cookies here!  Great idea.  BUT…BUT!!!!  WHY would you put them in a stainless steel tray about 20 inches off the floor, jutting out about 12 inches, and…ta-dah!  with sharp edges too?  Not at eye level..not at waist level…not where you would see them..oh no.  Just where you would knock into them and hurt yourself grieviously. I am not exaggerating about how low to the floor they were.  I too am low to the floor as I am exceeding short in height.
Levity aside..I will say that a customer cannot reasonably be expected to see a jutting out steel tray that is situated low to the floor. 
I did not make a scene, but I went straight to the front and asked for the Manager.  Here ensued an Abbott and Costello routine beginning…or worthy of a routine if they had lived long enough and were near to hear it.  I will shorten it for you.
I told her what happened..I told her where, which you may recall I wrote to you that the jutting out steel rack was in the refrigerated milk section.  She listened politely as I suggested in a low voice so as not to embarrass the store, that she might consider moving the display as it cause me an injury and it may do the same to others.  First words out of her mouth were " OK.  So you were at the eggs…"  "No" I said.  And I repeated the entire thing all over again.  She said " Over where eggs are, you…."  I said "No..not the eggs…the milk".  She made another mistake following that as to where and I will tell you I know she was not messing with me.  It was her genuinely not comprehending a thing I said.  I said very quietly and kindly.."I’ll show you, if you like" and led her over to the aisle starting toward the milk at the other end.  We never got but a quarter of the way there when finally, a thought wave was allowed to kick in and reality dawned on her, and so she exclaimed with an loud "OH!!! OH!!!  OK  I’ll get that changed!". 
SIGH.  I still have a swelling and a blue mark from that close encounter of the worst kind.
I miss all the family..but I have you all..so here I come.  Hope you have milk.  Skim please.My little grandson took this with my camera.  He did well if I say so myself.!!