I visited a friends page this morning and there was a discussion about social networking in general and how it can be an addicting behavior. 

Certainly I have felt that.  In times when there is a power outage, and I know very well the power is out still– my feet turn me into this room nonetheless as I walk down the hallway.  And, I turn right around and make my way back out again to my next and intended destination.  The part that is rather embarrassing in a way is, consciously I knew there was a power outage yet there I was, habit firmly in place, turning into the computer room to check email and the blogs.

Then there were the times when something dreadful happened to the computer.  As in the time when the neighborhood suffered with a brownout of the worst proportion.  The power (and I spoke of it a few weeks ago) went up and down..neither fully out nor fully "on" perhaps four or five times.  It totally fried my computer despite the rather low level (I didn’t know any better then) surge protector I had.  I learned also at that time through Consumer Report that when you DO have a power surge or whatever electrical event..you are not necessarily in the clear for the next event if you have an inexpensive unit.  You have to check its status (there is, many times, a light on the unit itself telling its status.   Sometimes the surge protector, again depending on how good it is when you buy it, is only good for one power event.  So, beware.

However, back to my point.  I was without a computer for perhaps two weeks.  One reason the time without a computer was that lengthy had to do with that 12 hr. rotational shift work I have always been involved with.  There was the issue of getting some one here to see what the matter was. I had no idea. I just knew something was decidedly wrong. I wrote in my blog a few weeks ago that the tech said he knew what was the matter when he came into the room as he could smell the distinctive odor of the burned out equipment.  Secondly, I had to wait another round of shifts and overtime to have the time to shop for a computer..then get it set up. 

Oh, it was awful.  No email.  No nothing.  I hadn’t a blog then so that wasn’t an issue at least but not to be able to come in here at 0330 in the morning on day shifts as soon as I got up and turn on the computer was almost painful as was not waking up to email etc at 1530 in the afternoon when I woke up while on midnight shifts.  Terrible.  Woe was me.  Habit.  Pure and simple.

The blog makes it harder to bear when the power is out as I want to see how the blog family is doing.   There is a knot of about 25 people that I faithfully look in on every single day.  The only good sign is..I never think of it when family are here.  If I did, I would well and truly be lost.   So perhaps there is hope yet for me.  I could always spend more time with my Osprey family at the Park.  On that subject, the paper had an article last week that an Osprey was rehabilitated and released at Norris Lake after having been shot.  Shot!  I hope that whoever did that will have bad dreams about it always.  They mate for life and the father bird was left to try to care for the nestlings by himself.  I think you know he had a horrible time of it.   OK.  I could start a whole ‘nother blog here.