Oh I just came back from the best dinner!  I really don’t care what the calories were or if there was saturated fat, transfat..I just don’t care.  It was grilled chicken. It grilled to perfection. And it was smothered with melted Monterey Jack cheese, along with a LOT of grilled onions, plenty of green pepper, squash, baby carrots.. real baby carrots, not those cut off things, and broccoli plus a decent sized helping of garlic mashed potato.  Oh my goodness…that was THE best thing I have eaten in three months!  There were nasty sliced mushrooms..I call them mush- hates because I hate mushrooms, but I stacked them up neatly on the side.  Oh that was good.  Whoo whee!  And the waiter..he looked like Tobey Maguire!  He did!  I mean it.  Of course that meant a bigger tip especially since he was smart enough to flirt.  And of course I did too.  That’s what guys are for the last I looked, isn’t it? Oh he was cute. 
It has been the third of three absolutely can’t be surpassed in beauty, days today.  From sunrise to sunset it is just so beautiful out it makes one want to write a poem about it.  Thing is..as the saying goes, there is nothing new under the sun (to write).  It has all been written before by better than me.  But it is inspiring to be outside.  When I hit publish on this it is outside onto the deck I go.  You guys have seen what I will see if you have looked at my videos.  It is almost 8 but the sun is still rich and gold lying on the grasses and in among the trees.  I want to see the last before it leaves for the night across the Oceans, for my blogging family in Australia.
All of you who use UTube may wish to read this.  It was sent to me this morning by a family member.  I never submit anything to it..I was dragged kicking and screaming into Soapbox and have never considered UTube.  But those of you who do may know this already, but then, you may not.  I would like to submit this URL for your study if you like.  Hope it provides info.
I have been busy all day and this early evening and things to catch up on now.  I have been to see some of you.  The stats tell me I have had 4 visitors in 3 days.  Um…I don’t think so.  Seems as though my stats are messed up every month or so for a week or so at a time.  Go figure.