When I got my then new We*tin*ho*se  HDTV like a year ago last Spring, I spent time grousing about a problem that came with the TV here on the blog… about how the thing would just quit.  Stop.  Nada.  Nothing.  Deader than 4 o’clock.  No reason that I could discern.  I would be watching something and boom..it would go to "off".  Found out through a guy who happened to be here for another reason (the TV was perhaps 3 weeks in my house by that time) that it was a sleep timer that had inadvertently been set by the son who set up the TV when it was unboxed.  Fine.  Got that settled.  However, there was another problem that was on-going then as well that the guy could not solve and it still is.  That being you use the remote to turn on the TV on and it would instead totally power it off. No little light showing in front..totally powered off.  Oooookay.  Press the remote or go to the array of buttons and turn it on. (try to)
The orange light comes on..fine.  Hit it again, and the thing springs to life.  Great.  We’re starting to cook with gas now, huh?  No.  Poof.  It goes off completely.  Blacker than a black hole in Space.  Here we go.  Press the button..little light comes on..press again…it powers up.  Then..a TV show. Maybe.  Multiply this by probably 8-10 times a week for over a year..and that’s what I live with here.  I thought it might be the remote.  It isn’t.  I just found out today what it really is.  I almost wish I didn’t know.  I used to have a little hope that I could fix it with a new remote.  Not in my lifetime.
I went thru that last evening when trying to see the news.  It came on all right but I tried to raise the volume.  There it goes.  Off.  Start all over again from powered off for whatever reason.  NOW I know thanks to the oldest son who found the answer.
He searched for me and left a link which I will provide for anyone with a We*tin*ho*se HDTV that has the same problem that I have and believe you ME! there are plenty of other people out there with problems.  I won’t buy that brand again nor will I go to Be*tB*y.  That’s a whole ‘nother issue.   
It is a power supply problem to put it mildly.  It comes to you defective like that tho they did not know it was defective I am sure until the customers began telling them..  Some have it even worse than *I* do,  I will send the link to anyone who wants it.  And I might add that the manufacturer is not easily communicated with and you’d better hope you find this out while the thing is still in warranty.  Of course YOU are the one responsible for schlepping it back, you do know that..assuming you find out in time. 
Oh..last night or perhaps I should say this morning just after 0000 hrs, I went to bed.  I had just dropped off to sleep.  I know I had, as I had started a dream.  It had to do with eyebrows of all things.  Mine.  Anyway, there I am..on my side on my sunshine soaked fresh air laden pillow that had been out all day…snuggled deeply into it and dreaming when two warm little feet with toes that have points to the ends, placed themselves firmly and implacably on my mouth.  That woke me.  I looked and the owner of said little feeties head was resting on the end of that fresh aired  pillow and her head looked like a little moon rising, with triangle ears sticking up!  (ambient light  (full moon outside) in the bedroom).  If you have to be disturbed, that was a nice and a gentle way to be disturbed by a pet.