I have it figured out.  If someone is going to walk agonizingly slowly (I am not referring to the infirm, the aged nor the ne’re do well) they will somehow someway find themselves in front of meI do believe there is a malevolent transporter beam somewhere watching for that opportunity when I am out among others.  If I am just hitting my stride…someone materializes in front of me and begins their imitation of moss growing. They probably wonder what that sound is behind them is that  sounds like the Tasmanian Devil. That would be me.  But I left my fork lift in the trunk of the car…so…I had to take the consequences.

Anyone back at the house who has a sunny day out there AND a flat place to lay ’em, take your bed pillow(s) out and put them in the sun for at least a couple of hours.  Without the cases if you can.  The dust mites will curse you with their dying breaths…and you will be very happy tonight when you lay your head down and take a breath of the sunny fresh smell in your pillows.  No need to hang them..lay out a square of newspaper, wax paper..anything, and put the pillows on it..let them absorb the healing sun rays and as I said..there go the dust mites!!! The wonderful outdoors fragrance makes you take them out every chance you get.  What a way to begin your sleep.

Thought I would also mention that life as a person of five feet and two inches has a distinct disadvantage.  Your elbows are exactly at door knob height.  If you walk at the speed of light as I do, the chances that you will cut corners in the house and therefore hit said doorknob with your elbow bone every time is like 100%.  You can say aloud or to yourself.."I will pay attention and I will give the center of the doorway a try!"  It does not matter.  CLUNK.  Over and over and over.  I have a choice.  Stop always being barefoot and thereby raising my height to whatever heel height I have on and thereby by-passing the knob by an inch or more..pay attention (R U Kiddin!?) wear foam padding on my elbows at all times, apply foam to all knobs all over the house or…grin and bear it.  I seem to have chosen to bear it but not grin.

It’s hotter’n who dunnit out there and I do believe I am in to read today..  Especially after having to use my handy dandy portable atomic powered pole vault to get around slow walkers.  Whew. Been around to some of you..will be around to see more.  Git outta my way.