Do you remember Miss Catt having been being featured on the cover of that exclusive magazine a few blogs back?  I believe she was wearing a crown.

Well, she told me today with what I sensed to be a spark of real regret in her eyes, that she was reporting me to: The Bureau of Feline Affaires (she likes the French look, hence that spelling). So probably the next issue will have me featured inside as a meanie.  Why?  Well, Miss Catt, as do many of the elite upper crust Southern felines of the old romantic South likes to retire to her ante chamber (that would be the kitchen to we churlish servants of hers) for a sup of cold non-fat skim, I say skim milk, after her evening meals. 

You may perhaps remember that I encountered a painful obstacle in my quest to obtain a half gallon of skim milk last week just before one of my sons and grandson were to visit.  It was the steel tray that jutted out about 13 inches from the cabinet where the milks were, and very low to the ground (and yes, my knee is still bruised) that caused me to be remiss in my duties to Her Heinieness here..  The pain when I hit that tray with my poor knee must have distracted me sufficiently that I accidentally bought full fat milk.  I dislike full fat milk.  I may as well up end a bottle of straight cream it is just as unpleasant to drink full fat milk.  I feel the same about 2%.  I can even tell 1% milk.  So can Her Majesty I see now.  I wondered why she was not drinking her "libations" in the evening.  She would go to the dish (fine china of course!) and sniff..and turn away.  This has gone on a week!)  I put some in cereal and then…only then did I realize I had been offering fully fat milk.

So, she sent in a report to The Bureau of Feline Affaires and I suppose I will know the outcome within a week.  PS  Go figure what’a up with the red words.  No..I didn’t do it and I don’t have spell check.  *shrugs*