I never realized that the mysterious red letters in yesterday’s blog regarding my being reported to the Bureau of Feline Affaires were Miss Catt’s doing!  Thank you Lindabee!  That was a revelation worthy of a "I coulda had a V8!" forehead smack!  She was monitoring to ensure that it was reported correctly.
Hummingbird nectar is cooking on the stove top.  Now it isn’t.  When I smelled it bubbling away from here I got up to see if it was boiling..it was and so I have turned it off and set it aside to cool for awhile until I pour it into the container I store it in.
They are fattening up now for their trip back across the Gulf of Mexico to their home for the Winter.  The males go first, then a few weeks later, the girls follow.  That won’t be until the last of August and into the middle part of September when they will hopefully be home again from this area.  I will look for them to return to me next April, along about the 10th.  They normally weigh what approximates a postage stamp.  They "bulk up" to 2 postage stamps!! for their trips to and from.  And remember, once they actually start their trip over the Gulf they don’t stop.  And no to the old wives tale about hitchig rides on other birds…sigh..that is such an old saw.  They just fly on and get the job done.  A lesson many of us could take to heart.
It’s been fun seeing them out there in a continuous stream of activity.  The males, females and juveniles too.  Everyone eating constantly drains the feeder within 36 hrs. and it is my happy pleasure to refill and cook them up some more.  If you are feeding them, please remember to change the nectar in this very hot weather every 5-6 days (if it lasts that long) as it sours.  They’ll thank you.  I cook for them.  Four cups water to one cup of sugar..bring to a boil. (bringing to a boil will allow it to spoil less quickly outside)   Let sit until it’s cooled…store extra in a bottle in the ‘fridge.  They are worth it.  Nature brings it’s most shining sweet jewels right to you…show your appreciation. 
Well, I’m off the treadmill and there is a lot to do.   TTFN.