Every day is a special day…just because we are here to enjoy it and be glad of it.  But sometimes each day is a little more special for differing reasons.  Today isCindyupnorth’s birthday.  If you get the chance, please wish her a happy one. 
I am stalling before I get on the treadmill.  I just don’t want to, but I will.  Of course, now that Paul has given me the idea, I will have to trap more hummingbirds and squeeze nectar out of them to cook so as to refill the feeders and repeat the process.  Paul…you crack me up! Hey..look over in aisle 6 for me and see if there is a strainer sufficient to strain out hummingbird feathers and airmail me one (pun intended, lame as it is).
Meanwhile..after the treadmill and weights I must gussie up and go charm someone.   That’s always easy to do. You know we diva’s.  I was discussing that  propensity to dude up and dimple real pretty-like with a blogger yesterday over the phone.  We had some laughs over it.  That was one of the most enjoyable conversations I have had in years!  I felt as though we had known one another always.  I had that pleasure with another blogger family member just a few days prior, and felt the same way.  There was no "we are strangers" whatsoever about it..old friends right from the git-go.   I think I have two sisters now.  Something I have never had.  You remember perhaps…I was reared by my brothers and Dad.  I have always wanted a sister..now I have two.  Hope they don’t mind that I have them in the family now.  They can opt out iffin they wanna.
I feel guilty knowing full well I need to be sweating up there to some good loud metal music.  So I will make this mercifully shorter than usual.  I  decided to try to use the note function in the Friends section we have and make some notations.  I have not gotten to everyone by any means, but I have gotten to some. I will work my way through as time passes.  It’s fun.
Go forth and multiply..er..have a great day..strain some hummingbirds..er..sun your pillows..do something for pete sakes!