If there’s a cat smack in the middle of the bed you were just trying to make…no use going any farther with that!  It won’t work.  What siren’s call lures them into the bedroom as you are starting to smooth up the covers?  How do they know this silent enterprise is going on?  They appear as does a mist appear over the moors in England on an early morning…settling in a plump plop right where you are trying to tug the sheet up.  I am not of the mind to play tug of war with her right now so I am sitting here with you all,and we are having a Diet Coke.  You know that I am stalling again.  My next step was going to be yon treadmill. IS going to be, not was going to be.
I am including a hummingbird picture from last Saturday off the deck at my house.  It is a male Ruby Throated Hummingbird.  You cannot see the irridescent flaming ruby red because he was deep into one of my gazillion oak trees and out of the sun.  In order to see the brilliant coloration, there must be refraction from the sun onto their neck feathers.  You can have the privelege of standing within inches of one feeding and see the beautiful red.  If he turns even a little bit and the refraction is not spot on..then his red looks black or charcoal.  It’s hard  at best to get a hummingbird picture up in the trees BUT no sun to bring out his brilliant plummage is too bad. But look at those tiny threads of toes! 
Hark!  What was that sound?  Tis the treadmill..asking why I am just rambling on and on and not in there glistening.  Man..in the summer, regardless that it is inside the house and the house is air conditioned, when I am finished I am still running hot for an hour or so.  That part I have never liked. 
Before I go in there and face the music, according to a newspaper article I read, Tuesday was chosen by Congress as voting day back in 1845 because the citizens were largely farmers back then.  They needed to vote on a day that would not interfere with the three day Sabbath, or the standard marketing day  in the middle of the week.