The oldest is here and we were discussing that which I blogged about a week or so ago.  Passenger trains, transportation in general and the cost of same.  We discussed how passengers are not where it’s at insofar as financial gain is concerned.  Passengers, to repeat myself from the blog a few weeks ago are not an important or  viable source or revenue in regard to any form of transportation.   Not aircraft, not buses, not trains.  Remember I was talking about passenger trains and how hard it would be now to get that concept back up and running the way it was years ago?  I talked about right of way..I talked about lack of track..I talked about how much it would cost to have track and all else that was needed, built/constructed.
Well, the oldest came up with a great analogy, at least I thought it was.  He stated that he had done a little "number crunching".  Let’s say that each passenger in a bus weighs, for example, 200 pounds.  (sorry ladies) This means ten people would weigh one ton.  Thirty people, which is about the capacity of a city bus, would be three tons.  That would give the bus company $37.50 for that load of passengers.  In Knoxville, that $37.50 multiplied by the number of runs per day makes a not so grand total of….$450.00 per day per bus.  With the price of diesel..paying the drivers, benefits, just can see why this year with the increased ridership, they are in the red with a capital R.  Then we’ll go farther with another mode of commercial transportation, a tractor-trailor truck… hauling three tons is well under capacity,  much more can be hauled  by that vehicle.
 Here is another comparison :   Mailing a one pound package from Tennessee to California would cost $4.85.  A Knoxville bus fare is $1.25 per person.  If the post office can get almost 5 dollars for hauling one pound from here to CA.,  and the bus gets a $1.25 for moving YOU @ 200 pounds weight…for say ten miles, hauling passengers sure seems a money losing proposition.
I am trying to be humorous but I am trying to get that one little example in here to illustrate that we people just are a losing proposition on any carrier, no matter what form it is.  We complain too, whereas a load of lumber wouldn’t say a word about the heat and humidity or having to sit on a side rail  for hours in the hot sun till a scheduling problem got worked out. 
Peace out dudes!