Miss Catt has an appointment at 1630 with her Vet today.  She needs her yearly shot (though she does not venture out, still she needs it in the unlikely event she is boarded for some reason.  They will not take her for boarding unless she has had her shots..and that makes sense.  Not healthy for the other animals..not that Miss Catt is an animal..oh no).  In any case, she must see her Vet for that reason..and to see what is the matter with her otherwise.  I felt as though she might have diabetes.  The Vet gave me test strips that can be placed in the litter box so as to get a reading on sugar on her P. 
The strange thing is, while I can smell a distinct faint acetone-like odor on her breath and she is drinking too much, the test strips are negative.  As I followed directions exactly, I don’t feel it’s my error.  I don’t like the stress on the cat (or me) but I will be glad of this visit.
The VOL Army!!  (UT Football)
It is almost August.  To all intents and purposes, it IS August.  And that means…at the end of the month..football time in Tennessee.  YES!  Thing is though..who knows what will happen.  We have several new coaches..the graduating seniors are gone and there is always that wild card of not really knowing who will or can perform under pressure.  And believe me, the SEC is a pressure Conference.
  U.T. "patriotic" vehicles!!!
The weather is hot and humid.  In 2 more months it will be hot and dry!  That’s the way of East Tennessee.  Then in three months, cold. And it will begin all over again.  To coin a phrase, time flies.
I am in the business of trying to find another pet sitter.  After I am able to do that, it’s off across the mountains again for me tra la.
  Do some more multiplyin’.