I want to thank those who nominated me for this award.  I was honored truly.
I  sincerely wish I could just nominate ALL of my Friends to this award, not just a few, because all of them deserve it.  I want to thank those bloggers who nominated me, for the honor… and it IS an honor to be thought of by them. Thank you.
I would like to nominated Beth Marie who has been blogging even longer than I have.  I caught up with her and have been holding onto her coattail since.  She is as strong as one of my oak trees out there and just as enduring in her love and caring for others.  We are twin birthday buddies to boot!!! It would not be morning without her.  A cyber sister.
Michiko has been with me through thick and thin also..making me laugh and helping me with a running joke between us about driving (can you imagine?) across the ocean at night (when the traffic is less) to visit one another.  It would not be a good week without a visit from Michiko.  Another sister.
Lizzie-Beth is another of the blogging family that is like a sister to me as are the ones I just listed.  She too is a haven for concerns and cares and as with all my blogging Friends, I would be lost without her.
Joe is a man of many hats and functions but above all, he is a great Dad to three wonderful children, a teacher and ordained man of God.  I am truly enriched by knowing him. 
Vivian is like a cyber daughter to me and a delightful one at that.  Never had a girl in the family.  She helped me get over the shock
Jim is from the same city that my middle boy lives in and that, at first made him stand out special.  That was until I got to know him for himself.  What a great sense of humor.  He makes me brighten up and smile every time I "see" him!
Patty is the Friend I have had the longest in Spaces and kept me going way back when I only had 1, maybe 2 visitors besides my family.  Spaces was new then, and no one knew anyone was out here much except the kids.  She is a dear dear person whom I look forward to hearing from as often as she gets on-line. 
I would love to say each woman and every man because truly all of you mean that much.  You know how us wimmin is..we care.  I tried not to duplicate those who have already been nominated by others and I send my regard to all of you. 
Much love and thank you again for enriching my every day.