The cat worried me a lot as when the clock got me up way early, she joined me but would not eat, drink or use the litterbox.  That behavior remained until late this afternoon.  She has finally eaten.  It had to be a reaction to the rabies shot. 
 The tree cutters came at 0800 and stayed until 1630.  There were two trees to come completely down.  You saw them in my video from the deck last month…2 of a hundred just like it in the back of my property.  The front yard has a towering (among others) oak tree and I had 6 heavy branches that were like trees themselves cut from that tree as well.  So, two down altogether and one trimmed heavily. 
No more branches hanging right exactly over the house now. The branches as is the front oak tree itself, were formidable and I am glad those were removed (from the oak in the front yard). One thing that shocked me was seeing with my own eyes that my hickory tree that was next to my bedroom, about 80 feet tall or more, [the one I mentioned I have always had to hear the hickory nuts drop and wake me in the night for all the years I have lived here], was rotten through and through.  The tree cutter said, and he is right, that I was very lucky it had not split and fallen on the house by now as we have very high winds.  There was no outward sign that it was rotted like that.  It even had hickory nuts.  I saved one as a momento. 
If you think this extravangza cost me a great deal, you would be right.  My trees are toweringly tall…ancient and they aren’t easily taken down.  They did a good job putting things to rights later.  They took down the fence between mine and the next door neighbor’s yards..and later put it back..put all the things they pulled up or moved, back again.  The Bobcat tore up my side and back yards..they seeded and strawed that portion when they finished.  I still don’t like that happened but..what can you do.  I had some serious lumber lying there and they needed to move it.
So, Miss Catt begs me to say she is better now thank you.  We don’t yet know about her diagnosis as the Vet came here for a home visit and she did not remember to bring a glucometer.  She also feels that the test strips I had painstakingly laid out and tried to read were likely out of date and neither of us noticed that on the box.  SO…in a week or so I will haul the little gal in so she can go through a blood test.  Then we will see what is to be done.
Thank you so much for your good wishes..I really mean that.  Our pets mean a lot to us. Mine does to me. 
You might be able to see him on the other side of the trunk making his way up..limbing it first. This is an oak in back and that’s a worker on my deck.
I am putting in a photo of my rotted hickory tree stump so you may see for yourself just how bad it is.  They ground up the stumps, so I am glad I remembered to take a picture when I did.  Hope it was a good day for you all.Here is the rotted Hickory.