You know I had the two trees cut down and one trimmed yesterday.  The fellow who owns the business brought his visiting for the summer from Wisconsin, two kids with him, one boy and one girl. They raked, pulled small branches out to give the guys who fed the branches etc to the chipper.  They were there to be with dad but also to earn some money by helping.  If nothing else..being out there all day in that horrible humidity and heat was enough to earn a few cents all in its own. point about culture shock.  Delightful kids, both of them. The boy even introduced himself to me and shook my hand!  Loved his manners.  The girl introduced herself also and outside was sweetly talkative.    That’s not the culture shock for me.  I’m gettting to it, I’m getting to it and some of you will be shaking your heads when I DO get to it and saying "what’s her problem?"  That’s OK.  I understand that it is *I* who is not used to the little thing I will mention here in a minute.  *I* am the one who is out of step.  I just didn’t know it.
We all know through zillions of mentions on MY part in the blog that I have sons.  I am used to sons.  I am used to men.  Work with ’em..liv(ed) with ’em..raised by ’em; just like ’em.  What else can I say?  Wish I had a dozen of ’em.  Now…my point. 
I am not used to teen aged girls.  They are a breed of their own to me.  Teen aged boys?  Ha!  Not a problem..give me a houseful.  Girls?  Um….no.  Anyway, kidding aside, the tree cutters daughter, who is about 13 years old I would guess asked very politely if she could use the bathroom.  Well, of course she could.  Never a problem.  At least I understand female bladders..and teenaged bladders are the same as adult ones. So..I smiled and opened the door.  First and only words out of her mouth were the "OMG" words.  I thought.."Hm, I guess she really had to go".  Then, a while later, she knocked..and asked nicely again.  I said she could certainly use the bathroom and again she came up with only the  OMG words.  What is up with this I wondered???  Is it such a staple of the teen girl vocabularly that it is the only thing they can say?  Just wondered.  Since they were all out there such a long while, she asked again (they were knocking back a lot of water out there) and not unexpectedly uttered "OMG!" again as she crossed the threshhold.  It was apparent it was just a little habit she had.
I know..I know…I am the only one in the Northern Hemisphere who would find this not too cool to say.  Say "Wow".  Say "Thanks". Say nothing at all.  Just cut a feller a break on the OMG phrase.  Oh well..again..not used to girls of that age and the boys just…don’t. 
Miss Catt handed me a press release that states that she is back to her normal appetite and has been at her usual toilette.  She, however, has reserved the right to punish me a little longer by not sleeping on the bed until she judges that I have suffered enough.  (I hate to tell her this but I sleep a LOT better without her).
I have not been around to as many of my Friends as I normally have due to being outside so much and gone the rest of the time yesterday and a good deal of time today.  But you know I love ya, right?