Happily, it’s a sales tax free weekend here and I am going to get a new computer.  I know what I want and have chosen it but I am not as able to know how to soup it up.  So the oldest will come over and soup it up for me.  I really don’t need all the pomp and circumstance I will have but…you never know..I may live up to it one day.  Meanwhile it will be here and the boys won’t have any frustration in store when they try to accomplish something with it.  Bear in mind they are all professionals.  Not a dabbler such as I.
As one of them will be here, you know I will roll out a casserole.  I am thinking the porckchop one.  It’s just a simple comfort dish with pork chops (6 of them,  seared in a pan on top of the stove) sliced fresh potatoes (about 6 as well) a teaspoon of ground sage , mush hate soup (with a cup of milk) a cup of sliced onion and the requisite salt and pepper.  You just layer the potato and onion,   Add browned pork chops on top of that, add the mush hate soup with the cup of milk and teaspoon
of sage, salt and pepper mixed into it, and pour over the potato and
onions and pork chops.
cover, bake at 350 degrees for about an hour.  I like to have some peas on the side.  Something green..broccoli or green beans..and crusty rolls.  It is a comfort food, sticks to the ribs and gets computers ordered up.
The Lady of the house graced my bed with her presence last night.  She stayed long enough to make sure I was asleep and left to conduct her business enterprises.  She must have had an exciting night as she sounded the gong at 0550.  SIGH.  Her meow-er is working just fine, thankyewverymuch.
Those of you with daughters..by now you know me well enough to know I was teasing you yesterday.  Those who don’t know me..Oh well.
I slept like a million dollars last night due to one thing I think.  I have been turning the a/c to a rather warmish setting before bed just as I set the heat to a colder one in the winter.  80 in the summer…65 in the winter.  Anyway, I have tossed and turned and I have been hot and uncomfortable even with the ceiling fan.  Particularly since the memory foam I sleep on is heat retaining.  So..last night I wore a tanktop and the shorty PJ bottom.  Just not having sleeves and something near my neck made a big comfort difference.  That and the wonderful scent of sun and outdoors from the pillow.  Slept wonderfully.
I ran around visiting you all last night later  than usual for me, and I have been here and there this morning too.  See you soon..