I was looking at my title..and I thought "Is there ever any such thing as a good grief"?  However, that aside, the four footed diva exited the room where her box is and certainly showed she was anguishing from a hang fire!  When your fur is long like that, those things happen I guess but man, to um…sorta drag your hindquarters across the floor in an attempt to dislodge said hang fire is disconcerting at best to witness.  However, a girl does what a girl does I guess.  Happily she was mistaken.  Whew!

The rest of the pork chop casserole is going home to the Big City this afternoon and I am the proud owner of a new whoopty doo computer coming home to meet me somewhere around the 13th of this month.  Fair enough trade wouldn’t you think?  Casserole for help ordering a new computer with some bells and whistles and maybe hang fire alerts too?

I have Office but not Office Professional as I had before.  That still kills me as Office Professional has a few features I loved and I no longer have with this step down I took when I bought the regular Office.  I almost added it to my purchase last night but three hundred or so dollars for those couple of extra features just isn’t worth it or so I keep telling myself.  I really want it though.  I had it with the last computer and could not port it over for several reasons too stuffy to go into here.

Oh yes..now I will have to learn the new features or ways of doing things with Vista.  I could keep XP, but how long?  May as well face the unpleasant music and get used to Vista.  I have a week or so until the boom lowers.

I hope it is a wonderful weekend for all of you.  I‘ve got earl Gray if you want tea later..no cherry tea left of the right taste and brand.  We’ll eat cookies to make up for that.