I have gotten a lot accomplished today.  That’s a good thing.  But I usually do get a lot accomplished and that too is a good thing.  I am also cleaning house on the computer in that I am deleting pictures and folders that are duplicates and those that I do not really want so as to make the transfer time to the new guy (or girl) faster.  I don’t know if the new computer is a male or a female.  I won’t know till I see it.  (don’t ask..it’s a secret). But when I do see if I have a male or a female, then there will be a name.  This computer will be bought by my middle boy.  He wants one that can be carted around when he travels thither and yon and used, since it can be wireless.  It WILL be great to have letters on the keysboard again.  I will never know the mystery of what happened to the letters on this keyboard.  I rarely use lotions etc. on my hands and even if I did one would hope to not be using lotions that would eat off the lettering from one’s computer keyboard.  Besides, there would be a hue and cry from everyone were that the case.  Letterless keyboards would abound!
I notice that the banner ads on my Space are still slanted toward men as are the ads on my Yahoo account as are the ad’s on my Lycos account.  Amazing to me as when you sign up for email on these things or in the case of Spaces, a blog and a so-called "passport" one must say their gender.  Or if one does say a gender, I for one would not say the opposite of what I am.  They sure waste their time targeting me, a woman with ads for men.  I brought this up before.  I hate the ads anyway but I am not willing to pay premium prices for ad-less blogs, email, etc etc.  Hence, I will tolerate gladly the ads for male products, ahem, while enjoying my free blog space. 
Several have commented that I ramble on.  Well, yes..that is why I named the blog Rambling On.  I tend to do that.  Coming to my blog space is like knocking on the door to my home.  When I open the door, I smile because I am genuinely glad to see you..so glad you came by…you are always welcome here., I’ll kiss you on the jaw and invite you in and have you sit in the best chair in the living room.  Then, I’ll rush around to get you whatever you want, try to make you comfortable and we’ll talk back and forth and spend a while enjoying each other’s company.  I’ll haul out my latest book purchase..tell you what I am reading..see if you’ll go walking with me..show you a project I am working on..talk about whichever collection you happen to notice like all those gemstone roughs over there in the big china cabinet.  Hey, I have some things in the back in another barrister bookcase you might like to see..let’s walk back there.  Before you know it…we’ll be headed out for lunch.  It’s on you. 
Come on over…I even turned the air conditioning to a cooler setting.  It’s in the mid nineties after all.  We’ll sit outside later when the sun goes down some..how’s that?