A few of you asked me what am I reading (referencing yesterday’s blog). I am happy to answer that.  I am reading several things at the same time.  One of them I had to wait for a long time.  I pre-ordered it on Am*z*n.you- know- what.  Took months to get here,  Many months.  I have anticipated it so much and now it’s here.  It is Ray Bradbury’s "Now and Forever" as well as his "Somewhere A Band Is Playing" and "Leviathan ’99".  I think Ray Bradbury is a National Treasure.  No..an Earth treasure.  This set of novellas got the National Book Award Distinguished Contribution to American Letters.  Mr. Bradbury is a Pulitzer Prize winner, Special Citation. Winner of the National Medal of Arts..and so much more.  As with many, my first exposure to him was his work "Dandelion Wine".  I read and re-read that work at least twenty five times.  And each time I got just as much from it as the first.  His main character for much of the novel was called Douglas, a small boy.  We readers lived Douglas’ life in that book as surely as though we were Douglas himself.  I did at least.  We, Douglas and I,  share many of the same characteristics I suspect, therefore I related strongly to the character Mr. Bradbury so perfectly depicted.

The other book I am reading is called The Dord, The Diglot, and an Avacado Or Two by Anu Garg.  For someone like me who loves word origions and the like, this book puts me in a state of nirvana.  Bet you won’t ask me again what I’m reading!    You’ll get another quasi book report.

The son over the mountains is coming this way this weekend so I of course shall stay put.  I get to cook a few meals..that’s a good thing too. They are living in an apartment presently while he is selling his home and looking for another.  It’s easier to keep clean if you aren’t living in it while it is being shown.  Say hello to a thirteen year old boy too who is not a good cleaner-upper after himself.  This is the well thought out in advance way that suits him better than other alternatives.  Hauling heiny out of the house whenever the agent calls to say they are showing just doesn’t get it with him especially as a teacher with too much to do as it is.

The house smells good.  I cooked a tiny steak with onion…a baked potato and a bit of corn.  I almost filled the bathtub with Cheerios at noon and ate them.  Man, I love those things and I am not to be trusted with them.  I bought the real thing..which is even better and I would guess I had probably two cups of ’em.  The cat tried to fight me for some but I wrestled her off the bowl and won.  (only because I gave her 4 pieces of her Pounce to bribe her away)

Man, the cat is snoring horribly over there in her basket.  Sounds like someone applying their brakes at a high speed and going around a corner on two wheels for pete sake!!  I oughtta make a video!  If I did, she’d rouse up and try to see what I was doing.