Good lunch, good company.  Just came back from a lunch date with a guy I worked with.  He was here earlier to see about fixing that rocking chair arm I showed you all a picture of a few months ago.  AND he came armed with Elmer’s Carpenter Glue.  He didn’t bring a clamp.  He felt as though none was needed.  In 48 hours or so, we will know.  I have an uneasy feeling about it though as all of you guys who advised me also mentioned clamping it for a day or so.  However, you take what you get and get grateful.  It may work..who knows?
This is one of those days that the phone just keeps ringing.  I get done with one call..come in here and it rings again.  get done with that and it rings again.  And so on.  But..there are a few days when it doesn’t ring at all.  That’s alright too.  It’s all good.
I need to go through the recipes and decide on supper possibilities while they are here this weekend.  AND I will need to head to the grocery too for things I normally do not have on hand, i.e. orange juice etc.  Just don’t drink the stuff but they do.  White bread (ewwwww) for the grandson.  White bread= library paste to my way of thinking.
Do you know what’s waiting for me the minute I hit "publish"?  The refrigerator has a sticky fluid all over the glass shelves..everywhere.  I think the jar of sweet pickles leaked.  I have to clean that up.  I don’t want to.  I would rather clean two bathrooms than the refrigerator.  I guess I have to be grateful to have a refrigerator that needs cleaning and quit griping about it. If I decide I want to read the morning paper (finally) first, a cat will appear out of nowhere and settle in a warm lump on my lap and throw sand in my eyes.  I have often said..a cat that has formed himself or herself into a circle on your lap is a lethal thing.  If it is any where near quiet where you are and one of those furred critters is on your lap, I challenge you to be awake or even alert after fifteen minutes.  I would rather stand and read the paper than sit in the mid afternoon and that thing settle comfortably on my lap and cast a spell on me. 
Meanwhile, I have the fridge to tend to.  I’m trying to think what I can think of what to use as a reward when I am done.  I have three cherry tea bags left..and no more forthcoming.  (not of that brand, and there is none better so a cup of that tea could be a good reward).
OK.  I’m stalling.