I could and did push the "That was Easy" button that I bought when they first came out.  Long time ago I told the story about why I spent $4.95, a ridiculous amount for an item like that I admit, and bought the thing.  Because it was something we had in our main control area at work.  When something horrible happened, and it always did, and we got it handled and it was over..if we thought of it, we pressed that button that was on top of one of the supervisor’s computer monitors. After we upgraded to the thin LCD monitors, the button had to be placed on a waist high "wall".  So now..when something deserves a personal accolade..I come in here and press that button.  First time I mentioned the button in the blog probably 18 months ago, I had one old snarly face  gnarly woman I had as Friend say darned if she would pay her good money to advertise Staples.  I wrote to her that that was her choice, and if she looked at it like, that too was her choice.  It sure wasn’t changing my choices.  Man, some people pick and find fault with anything.
Why did I push the easy button, you remind me to explain?  Well, I did get up and go into the kitchen and take things off the shelves in the refrigerator.  I thought this time however to use a good sized microfiber cloth to clean it.  Worked like hot knife through butter!  The refrigerator was clean in a few minutes!  If I had tried using paper towels and cleaner on that mess as I used to do, and I’d still be there. For my car, I just use water and a microfiber cloth.  Works every time.  I decided to finally put it to use in here as well.  I forget sometimes.  I use them for windows..then I forget about using them for other things in the house.
I am about prepared for everyone on Friday.  Looking forward to the visit.  It is so flaming hot here and humid too I might add I have not even been tempted to go take pictures any where.  Not even one.  I thought about a video of her Majesty snoring but again..had I gotten up and started moving, making camera sounds, she would have been alerted and that would have been all she wrote.
One last thing.  I am about finished that latest book I mentioned I had to pre-order like 9 months ago..the Ray Bradbury one with "Somewhere a Band is Playing".  I  could not put it down and so it was well after midnight when I finally turned out the light.  I would lay it to one side…close my eyes and pick it right back up.  I was trying to make it a bedtime read and I should have known better.  You need empty mind numbing trashy stuff for trying to relax before sleep..not a delicious makes-you-think-and love it book.  Her Heineyness sounded the alarm bell however at her usual 0600 regardless.  She has no mercy,  None whatever. 
Let’s go check for mail out there…and when the front door opens..look at my avatar and you’ll see who will be rolling on her back, feet up enjoying the heat and sun.  No, not me this time.