I was watching the evening news and once again, they were showcasing, up close and in detail, a trashed home.  The home was trashed because a former home owner was torqued that he/she had been served a foreclosure notice.  What to do?  What to do?  I know!!! Trash the place!  if I can’t have it, I’ll make darned sure no one else will..at least not without a lot of expense.  That’ll show ’em!  Mess with me because I don’t have the money for a place I couldn’t afford!  Take THAT
Before you start in, I already know that’s not every single case out there.  But it is some.  Never the less..I am speaking to the media. 
When the media show these things over and over and over..I feel that they are showing viewers who may best be termed malcontents, how to do it as well. If it’s newsworthy,then say or write that it happened.  Show one example if you must.  But do you have to go into every detail, however sordid, in exquisite detail to make sure Mr. or Mrs. Ne’er Do Well have all the fine points on how to go forth and do likewise? Especially if it never occured to them until the TV station showed them??
The same goes for vandalism and crimes of that sort.  A town newspaper will have a, for lack of a better phrase, arrest column.  Here, the papers generally go into this same detail, as an example about how this house and that car was vandalized. If I was of a mind to do vandalism and I wanted to see what my shady friends have been doing for ideas..why, I’d go to the paper and see what they’ve been doing.  Then, if it looked exciting or good enough by gosh, me’n’Miss Catt would be off with our spray paint cans spraying rose bushes purple or painting cat faces on your trash cans or something.  You get the point.
I just think it’s not a good idea to showcase in detail each and every petty or other crime complete with lurid up close pictures of the wounds..the blood, the anguish on the victim’s faces, their wavering voices as microphones are thrust into their poor faces by the demanding reporters badgering them to know how they feel about the situation. 
I know..I have addressed this before and it still disappoints me to say the least to see almost step by step instructions on how to do unlawful or cruel things in the media.
Of course, the usual caveat.  This situation I have described is not always the case and not everyone agrees with me.  I would dare say I am in a minority.  But..as many have said before me…it’s my blog and I’ll rant if I want to. 
Oh, have I ever made the grocery stores happy.  My gosh..I have emptied my wallet.  It’s worth it though.  I also got the bathroom cleaned up again, their towels laid out..a couple of meals planned and enthusiasm is high.  They set sail over the Mountains tomorrow at 0900.