Someone I thought I recognised knocked on the door a few minutes ago.  I opened the one door (and the screen remained locked).  He turned out to be one of the men that my now deceased next door neighbor bonded out of jail a lot of times, as she was a bonding agent.
Last summer this fellow did a little yard work for me..the operative word being "little" before he bolted.  He stole the deceased neighbor’s old useless lawn mower and parked it over here (he didn’t know it was broken) and when he bolted he left it in my yard.  I didn’t know any of this till later that day.  I knew whose mower that was and rolled it back over there to the neighbor’s yard.  After all it was part of their estate.  By and by, the children came to collect and dispose of the household goods etc.
Well, here is this jerque outside my door a full year later asking where "his" lawn mower is  that he had told me (like anyone could and I would allow that!!!) to put it up under my house for him!  I said that my neighbor’s mower was here and the children collected it.  He said in a very accusing way that it was his mower that he used to mow that neighbors yard.  Not.  I know who her yard folks were.  Anyway, he finally desisted after asking could he borrow my mower.  I said the truth..I have no mower and shut the door.  What I am not conveying here was his smell..his manner..his high pitched threatening tone and so on.
I’ll call the police if I see him again around here.
Meanwhile my son and grandson will be here in about an hour..I expect a call any minute telling me they are in Tennessee.