First of all..I have asked again that all people in the house not close the bathroom door at night.  Miss Catt was protesting that all night into the wee hours until I  was forced up, like it or not.  When I opened my door, I saw why.  She could not get into the bathroom and she needed in there for her extra water.  She had placed dry food in her water bowl in the kitchen,. fouling it and she was in search of clean water.  ‘No can find with the danged door closed’, she was howling.
We had a chicken noodle casserole last night.  First time with that recipe.  It was so- so because I used canned Ty*on chicken to save cooking and not chicken I cooked myself.  Too salty is my only complaint.  I did not add salt.  It was all the salt Ty*on put in in that canned chicken.  That taught me a lesson.  New York Strip steaks tonight, french fries, corn on the cob.  We just came from lunch at a popular buffet style place, and I am fuller’n a tick and about to bust wide open. I didn’t eat that much, no, just I am unused to eating "real food" at mid day.  
 We went out for the grandson’s haircut, stopped to shop for new knee and elbow pads for skate boarding. Now he’s at a skate park.  I stayed here because I am tired from listening to Miss Catt protesting all night (and not knowing why).
I read a blog about the state of today’s method of education that is State mandated and severely changed from the day when you actually learned something..failed if you didn’t..advanced if you did, and could make good marks generally on mid terms and finals.  Those were the days when teachers were allowed to** GASP** teach.  However, I spent several blogs talking and discussing that and I won’t put you through it again as many of you did not agree with me any way.  People over 40 remember what it was like to go to school…learn for each accountable for behavior as well as acedemics..and taking the required finals etc.  That  teaching/learning mode was all ushered out in the 60’s along with any and every other common sense thing. OK I’ll quit.
Meanwhile, I am resting my belly for the grilled extravangza tonight.  I sincerely wish you were here.  (MUAH)