What I do not care for is the narration I heard yesterday while the women’s gymnastics were going on.  There was a man and a woman, I have no idea of their names, narrating each event, I suppose for NBC,as the women went through their routines.  When it came around to the women from Romania, all I heard were snarky mean remarks.
They showed Nadia in the audience.  I can not  spell her last name but you may know who I mean.  They were saying that the women who were competing for Romania did not have discipline or ability as the teams from that Country have shown in the past.  They kept that up the entire time the girls were doing the routine.  And I will say they were not very good at all.  Better than you and me, but their failings were glaringly obvious without those two NBC narrators constantly picking, criticizing and snarking.  If the women choose not to polish or enrich their routines..if they choose not to work harder to mistake proof them..that is the business of them, their coach and the Country they represent.  Keep your snarking to yourself, you two old mean natured gnomes from you-know-where!  That was not necessary and did not have any contribution to the understanding of the game or the enjoyment of it. 
It detracts from my enjoyment of watching the event when the reporters get critical. The Americans also got snarked when they did their routines as well.  They started with a disadvantage with one less on the team due to injury. Their nerves were showing and they had some glitches..major ones too like stepping way out of  bounds in the tumbling routine.  But, leave the them alone and just let them get through the thing  by telling  we viewers what we are seeing and the expectation. Any Country, any event.  Just say what they are doing and keep your opinion to yourself.  Those men and women from all the Countries that are represented worked hard to get there, and deserve more respect that I thought they got.  And for pity sakes…can’t you let them at least catch their breath before you thrust that microphone in their faces and force and interview after an event? 
And if they fail in their event..do you have to ask " what happened there???" in that tone?? Well, I don’t suppose I will be invited to completely direct the Olympics any time soon.   Darn…and me knowing it all and saying "now children, play nice!"…how can they fail? 
I will try and catch up on all the blog family now.    See you in a few minutes.