One of the blog family touched on clothing and the choices available.  That set me off today onto one of my favorite things…clothing.   
I would say that many women know how clothing can affect a mood and how you project yourself.  Some don’t care or say they don’t..others, like me as the Diva I truly am, do care and take pains to go forth and conquer.
I related to her that among many other choices of outfits, I have one very simple one that has brought me many a note  with phone numbers pressed into my hand at work or at a restaurant, from people passing through. A simple and modestly cut black top. Several of my women friends call it "THE black top"  But the top is cut exquisitely.  It’s a slight scoop neck, barely showing my collar bones..three quarter length sleeves.  That, a pair of my never-wear-any-other-kind skinny jeans, a silver puffed heart pendant on a black cord…heavy silver hoop earrings…and the invitations/notes roll in. I am not kidding.  That top should be put in a museum when I am finished with it..I have never worn anything that has gathered more attention. BUT too, as I mentioned to my friend in reply to her blog, the confidence level a woman has means 100%.  I am always confident and usually smiling.  But my bright lights or personal high beams flick on in manner of speaking, when I wear certain things.  That top is one of them.  It sets off my strawberry blonde hair, and it showcases the heavy silver pendant and earrings.  I just go forth and collect my scalps. 
I’m being silly for a purpose.  It’s true what I said about my "mash notes" and how I feel in that top when I wear it.  But then, I feel that way most times as I head out of the house to see who I can "conquer" even in the grocery store..a department store..Home Depot..doesn’t matter. In a vague sort of way I think I am trying to point out that  what we think affects how we are perceived by others as it affects how we interact with others. (DUH!)  A happy smiling face is preferable to a complaining one.  I believe in smiling even when there is no outward reason to.  If nothing else, it helps brighten someone else’s moment as they see or speak to you.
I am deliberatly keeping other factors out of this…all of those would require another blog..i.e. faith, family, health and friends and how those affect your persona and personal being. 
Well, the treadmill waits and then the weights.  THEN I can go out and see how many smiles I get.  That includes at traffic lights sometimes.  Teehee haha.  I may be middle aged but as the saying goes, I ain’t dead.