Well, I think I topped myself this morning in stalling techniques.  I was in shorts etc. for the treadmill.  Had the iPod fired up..sweat rag off on the side there..shoes waiting..gum in my mouth.  But wait..the litter needs cleaning (boy, did it.  I let 3 days go by) and wow..this is trash collection day.  Let me go gather up all that may be in the little trash cans throughout the house.  Wait..I think I forgot to take my vitamin cocktail.  Gosh, the vitamin pill holder needs refilling.  There isn’t a single Omega 3 capsule left after this one.  And man, look at that!  The kitchen floor needs sweeping again.  Better hit the bathroom first before I get on the treadmill..oh..look..the bed sheets look rumpled.  I must not have been paying any attention when I made the bed.  What?  Did I leave those dresser drawers just opened again!?  Let me close those!  Oh!  I think I’ll wear this after I am finished treadmilling.  But wait..what about jeans?  Did I put those sandals into the closet or not?  Better check.  Oh yeah, I need to gather up paperbacks to take to the book swap place. Got that done.  Now to the treadmill..wow, what’s that on the carpet?  Let me just stop in the klitchen and get the spot remover before I get started on the ‘mill.
But..I got up on it and missed the interview with Mark Spitz on Michael Phelps!  Once I was up there I dared not stop. If I stopped to listen, it would be too easy to slip on in and start my make up.  That would mean no sweating needed.  If no sweating..then no treadmill.  Oh, it’s a tough life! 
Regarding the couple of requested photos of THE black top?  I dislike posting my picture on the net.  I have that one picture for those who have wondered if I exist but other than the (the photo was pretty good if I say so myself) reflection one..I just don’t do that.  To each his own I guess.  I got a few trolls here awhile back and took all  the pictures off.  I put back one.    Gives me the jim jams knowing they are everywhere in the world.  Like..who cares?  I know, I know.  It’s just the way I am. 
Now..I have also slung around the weights..time to get ready for the day.  Curried chicken with rice tomorrow from a recipe.  Broccoli sounds good with that..not too sure.  I need to buy and cook the chicken. 
Be happy.  It sure feels better than being a grouch.