The new computer has been here 2 days.  I finally unboxed it last night and set it up.  It is resting on the dining room table presently.  The cooling pad I have for this laptop in here is a little small for that bigger computer (laptop..just bigger in area) so I need to go to Staples first thing and buy him a new cooling pad.  I am a firm believe in those.  My first laptop died an unseemly death awhile back due to over heating.  No one told me that could happen.  I hadn’t had it hardly a year.  I blogged about it right afterward warning other laptop users to beware of over heating.  For this laptop that I am using now..I just have the less expensive one without a fan.  It raises the computer up sufficiently that the air circulates very well.  I may do the same today when I go after a new one.  But I thought I would take this opportunity again to suggest the same thing for those of you with a laptop.  You won’t regret it, believe me.

It was the first time for me with that recipe I put into the blog yesterday.  I would suggest that one carefully measure the flour.  I was not as careful as I should have been.  It didn’t affect the taste..just made it a little more thicker than I like.  I also think less chicken is advisable.  And now I have found that there is a commercial grade Garam Masala on some grocer’s shelves.  It isn’t the same as one you make yourself according to the Indian way, but it is better than nothing.  I’m spoiled.  I have used a mortar and pestle and done my own.   And it ain’t cheap to make either.  I have made my own ghee and that takes all the livelong day.  So..unless it really counts i.e. I’m feeding the Queen or something, I use clarified butter nowadays.  Cooking in this manner is an all day affair and not something to be undertaken unless it really counts.  Once quite some time ago, I was making a "real" curried chicken according to an Indian recipe.  I had to leave the house to get something for the car so I packed up the kids and headed to the store.  When I walked in, two of the guys came right up to me and asked what I was cooking.  THAT surprised me.  They said they could smell all the spices and that when I came in, it was like them walking into an exotic restaurant.  I think I decided I was flattered.  But it made me aware how much fragrance of any, perfume, whatever, "sticks" to our hair and clothing. 

I will add that when these dishes I am reminiscing about are made..they were always served at my table with the tissue box handy for noses that ran because of the hot red pepper. I have had people sitting at my table with tears running down their faces and noses tunning.  They have to get up constantly to go blow their noses…thanks to the spices.  But good…they always couldn’t wait for me to cook that way again.  It’s worth the tears and nose running.  Just it takes all day.

OK.  Today’s cooking column is done. I didn’t mean to get started on that. 

Have a great weekend you all.  I was busier than hen’s teeth yesterday..I will try to get by today.  Don’t booby trap your cyber doors…it’s just me.