I am typing this on my new laptop.  I know you can tell the difference, can’t you?  I have decided that it’s a male..henceforth to be referred to as "he" and his magnificent new name.  Miles.  That is in honor of an Elder Statesman computer we had, a MAC,  from  at the least ten years ago.
So far Vista hasn’t scared me after all.  As a matter of fact I think I rather like it.  However that may change in a few minutes when I try to post a pic of Miles.  I am doing that not particularly so that you can search for family resemblance between me and him but so that I can see if I can do anything with pictures and Vista.  This IS different from XP.  It will just take getting used to.  If I can’t put his family portrait in here that means a phone call to one of the sons after church.  So it will serve that purpose..to acquaint me with the difference in posting pictures.  It isn’t called My Pictures any more..or at least I should say My Documents has become my user name or some such thing.  Sigh.  I’ll learn.  One of my sons..the Software Engineer (i.e. Programmer) helped me enormously porting over things from the old guy, Gowron, (who will go to my middle son) to Miles here.  Back up hard drives are great.

Before I attempt that, I have to ask you if you have tried a certain way of doing chicken.  You encouraged me yesterday all unbeknown to yourselves  and so I will  tell you one thing I gleaned from a book while in the UK area.  It was a small booklet of recipes for a bed sitter..otherwise known to we Yanks as a room you rent for a space of time with a bed and a stove.  It’s your one room home away from home while traveling, etc.  Recipes were offered that would make it easy for someone with just an electric skillet or a hotplate.

I made this so many times I lost count and loved it.  It was so easy.   Brown some chicken, I used maybe 6 thighs, in a skillet and use some form of shortening.  Spray stuff isn’t particularly appropriate here.  Then add sliced fresh potato to the frying pan.  I usually used 5 medium potatoes.  Add salt and pepper and cover.  Fry/cook till the potatoes  become tender..15 minutes or so, and then the best part albeit a surprising addition….FRESH mint from your garden outside.  I laid two long whole springs with leaves on top of the cooking potatoes and chicken.  The fragrance was a treat as it rose into the air.  Cover again, and reduce the heat some.  Allow the potatoes to become fork tender.  Leave the mint in the dish..it’s ok if you eat the leaves.   

The taste of the chicken, mint, and potatoes is a wonderful medley in the mouth.  Amazingly good and different.  I have no mint growing..what a bummer because this just reminded me how much we all loved it.  The potato is what picked up the mint taste I might add.  I served peas as a side. 

That reminds me..did you know a spoonful of real (not that packet stuff) sugar in the peas as they cook and a few mint leaves is:  Oooh la la!  Remember a bit of butter when they are poured into the bowl.  Wow..that reminded me of a carrrot dish that is reminiscent of a dessert in a way.  They are almost "candied".

Well, starting from an hour from now onward, I have a full day.  You do too and I want it to be a good one for you.  Hugs.