Me’n’Miles have been working together 24 hours now.  I have a web cam now and no idea how it works, with what or when.  I looked in All Programs, etc blah blah blah..searched etc etc etc looking for some hint that was not there.  I have not gotten out the paperwork that came with him so I guess that’s next and probably the most logical starting point that I should have gone to in the first place.  No hurry though.  I have done happily without it all this time and may continue to do so.

Miles and I are grateful for all of his welcome- to- his- new- home comments. 

Yesterday I got the house sparkling clean so that means today, after my hair dries, I will be off and probably up to no good.  Kidding..surely.  🙂  I do have a lunch I’m looking forward to.  It is beautiful out there so the camera will come with me.  I have not been able to take any pictures at all in the past month of any consequence…even to me…at all.  They just aren’t there.  Well, the exception being Miles of course.  It is miserably hot and humid too..that makes it not pleasant to be out there walking around looking for photo ops. Miss Catt has quite done with posing she says.  She also advises that I find other beautiful models.

If anyone tried the chicken potato mint dish I hope you liked it.  I also hope that you cooked ALL of it together..not separately and then combined.  It is plain and filling and a little bit different one pan meal.   I am always game for trying a dish.  If I like it, I’ve made something to share with others to try.  Otherwise..if it’s full of mushrooms and squash..I know to beware.  (ewww)

Speaking of food, when I go to the grocery store I am grateful that I no longer have to buy groceries for a family all of the time. The times when I do, when they are all here, is a reminder what others have to spend all of the time.  The sticker shock has not ceased to get to me each time I go into the store whether or not I am buying many items.  Just looking at the price for hamburger is enough to make customers stand there and look at one another.  That happens to be true.  I have had more impromptu conversations in the past several months that I ever have had in a grocery store.  I will be standing there…usually stunned by meat prices (I usually don’t eat it..I just buy it when company comes) and someone else will be standing there doing the same…stunned by the prices.  They will turn and look at me as if to say " will you look at that"!? And usually one of us will say those words or something similar along with a recitation as to how the prices have risen.

OK.  Babbled long enough.  I know I will have a splendid hair day..just you wait.