I just came back from Wally World where I bought some produce.  I have about four pounds of grapes.  They will be gone in a couple of days.  Love the things. However what amazed me..stopped me in my tracks in the large aisle way (where I carefully took myself out of the way of others) was that I saw a display of Ti*e liquid detergent for clothes. To my complete gasping horror, those bottles of Ti*e were $10.00 each.  What have I missed?  Which planet did I beam down from and how long ago, that I missed this horrible revelation that Ti*e is now $10.00 a bottle?  You know what?  Sounds to me that we will soon be beating our clothes on a rock again…just as in the old days.  I was astounded too, to find 12 packs of diet Co*e were a few cents off $5.00.  That’s in Wal-Mart! I decided to see what Sam’s diet cola tastes like.  I still have some of the name brand product but I will give that a try.  May be a good excuse to stop drinking so much of the stuff. After all, I drink a lot of water.  I suppose I could drink a lot more!

Twelve dollars a pound for NY strip steaks.  Down to ten dollars.  Gas prices are down some and food went skyrocketing higher.  At least, it seems that way to me.  Maybe I missed a few things from before.

I took my car to have it washed just before that trip for food and that was the worst job I have ever seen.  I came out with a tip in my hand as I always have..and saw various smudges still on the car.  I asked for the rag he was holding and tried to clean them myself.  Most of them I could except one. He flipped the cloth at a few and didn’t do any better than the first time. I will try to clean that one place on the car later when it’s not so hot.  I did not give a tip and I may be looking for another place to take the car. 

Can any one tell ol’ lame one here how to hear a video on someone’s space when their music is playing?  All I can hear is the music.  There has to be a way.  Can you help?

Friday is my youngest’s birthday.  He already has his present and has had for several months.  A dark wood curio cabinet.  But a card and dinner…my pleasure.  Can’t wait.

I was on the treadmill this morning and I feel a hankering to get back up there this evening.  I will also sling the weights around again too.  See you by the treadmill..come on.