I was thinking this morning in yet another grocery store that I visited, how much I wish the cashiers wouldn’t do a certain thing.  Hence…the first on my list of thing I can do without for the rest of my life:

1.  For pete sakes…stop putting my change on top of my paper money and or the paper receipt.  The coins will always and ever slide gracefully off onto the floor or worse still, the street if I’m at a drive through.

2.  Do you best…try, O try your hardest not to come to a total complete stop before making a turn out there on the streets and byways.  Sigh.

3.  Take a refresher course in Turn Signal Operations.  I’ll volunteer to teach ya.

4.  Managers of Supermarkets…cease and desist clogging the already narrow aisles with big boxy displays turned cunningly at an angle to catch both your eye AND the front of your grocery cart as you try to get by that and the other people with their carts. CLUNK!    Sigh.

5.  Empty and meaningless political campaign promises on any level.  Local, State or National.  They (candidates) don’t mean it, and even if they did, they haven’t the power to make it so.  Just put your name out there, ye  runners for an office, and a box by your name for a checkmark.  We’ll have the same kind of result when you get elected and a lot less mud, empty promises and dirty laundry. So..save us all that.  We’ll like you better. 

6.  Newspapers carelessly thrown in the gutter in front of your house.  Oh wait..maybe that’s a statement!!  I got it finally!  Gee.  Sometimes it takes a house to fall on me.

7. Celebrity endorsements of anything.  Anything.  Products or worse still political candidates.  Pul-eeze.  Like I trust anything you have to say with the mega bucks you made saying it.  That goes for the free exposure you got touting that candidate for office too.  Same thing.
Moving on…I went to the other grocery store where I found 4, 12 packs of Co*e products  for $12.00 with your store loyalty card.  Four dollars each beats five dollars each.  I bought four with some tuna..Bumble B** brand @ a dollar a can.  UH OH.  It just occurred to me..I had better go see what their sell by date is.  Hm. 

Just a few more weeks and it’s foot ball time in Tennessee again.  GO VOLS!!!! I can hardly wait.  A best friend of one of my sons, the friend’s name being Kelly McKeethan, has just written a book called "Orange- Blooded" and I went to one of his book signings last Saturday.  I am thrilled to have the book.  Kelly is the connsumate Vol fan.  We all are around these parts, but Kelly has us beat insofar as his recounting of key games is meticulous and his assessment of the game(s) is usually spot on. 

The cooling pad I have for Miles has two little fans.  The paperwork with it said the sound level is 26 db.  I say it sounds like a big jet plane waiting for its turn to take off.  BUT Miles will not have any complaints about being too hot.  He’s been a good boy but he’s hiding my Microsoft Word, Works and Powerpoint.  I bought a little suite with those 2 plus something else..I swear I can’t remember..they installed it for me ..OH YES..Excel. (I bought this computer and the little suite from HP on-line and had Miles customised i.e. memory etc.) but I can’t find where in Vista the things are hidden.  Before you say ‘Programs’, it ain’t like I didn’t look there. 

Anyhoo..hope it’s been a good day for you.  It’s hot here and what’s more dry as paper here where I am.  No rain so far for August.

I’ve been around to see a lot of you..I’ll be around to see some more.