Mystery solved.  I said yesterday I could not find my little
Office Suite I bought as an extra for myself to add to my Office Outlook.  I was
typing Microsoft Works (and Word) into the little search bar..nothing happened
except to show me old things I did on the other computer.  One of the sons told
me to just type Word.  I did, and there it was…large as life.  Thing is,
though it was pre-installed before Miles even got here, it wants to product key,
etc etc for Word, Adobe and Excel.  I have duly typed it in and voila!  It
refuses to take it.  I know I am typing in the 25 letter/number code correctly. 
Who knows?  Messing with me I guess.  Thing is, I can’t use my paid-for products
(and I have tried…that’s why I bought them) until that code gets put in.  And
it won’t take the code.  It has to be something I am doing wrong.  I won’t worry
about it. Birthday Son is coming over tomorrow after work for his birthday
supper, and although he has had his gift already several months, I am giving him
something else besides.  I collected several items this morning that he can use
from a practical standpoint.
I can see already that I won’t be able to publish with the
browser I am presently using, I.E.  I just tried to save this as a draft and it
said the usual mea culpa that the "service is temporarily unavailable." 
Funny…if I collect up all of the blog and take it to Mozilla..all will be
well.  I just wanted to use this browser because photographs are better on it. 
Ah well.  I haven’t been able to use I.E. for the blog for several weeks now. 
I’ll check to see if it will publish. 
Still hot and humid and after a few hours doing whatever
outside, I am usually in, wuss that I am, to read or whatever happens.  It is
dry as tinder out there too.  We had been catching up some for this years
rain.  Still, there is that almost 2 foot deficit from last year to contend
with.  Now there is no rain so far for the month.  The grass is dormant and
brown.  A few leaves have turned and some have fallen.  Our area’s trees are
under a great deal of stress..truly.  The week long hard freeze the Easter
before last, killed a good many of our trees.  Some took months trying to
recover only to meet with a year long drought.  That weakened them further and
when storms with high winds come, the trees are falling at an alarming rate.
 Now..with a promising’s tinder dry again.
TVA’s answer was to give we consumers a whopping 20% rate
hike.  Now I doubt seriously that anything will affect their Board’s
embarrassingly high bonuses.  But we rate payers will supply the money by this
20% rate increase.  To be fair..with the drought continuing the way it has, it
is affecting hydroelectric power.  And the price of coal has risen.  So
now, with Natural gas sky high, so will the electric rates be,
I’m going to quit on that low note.    See ya soon.