It is my youngest son’s birthday.  By now, he had been enriching my life for 8 hours approximately at nine pounds and three ounces, twenty two inches long. 
I am sure I have embarrassed each son on Mother’s Day with my heartfelt blogs about them and as always, expressing what a privelege it is to have them.  I have tried to spare them another dose of love on their birthdays. They know I love them.  And I have logged many a blog about who they are, what they do, my pride in them and how lucky I am to have them in my life. 
I know he won’t be reading this so I will tell you that I made him a apple pie this time with lots of cinnamon and apples.  The top crust will hold candles by gosh and that is what will be on there when he gets here this evening.  Lit candles on his birthday pie.  He has been trying not to have sweets etc. as much, so unknown to him, he will have the pie..sweetened with Spenda. 
He already has his big present.  I bought him a  smaller cherry wood curio cabinet for his living room. But I have a gift anyway for today.  Several practical presents.   Something for the day.  Tonight, rather than make supper, I will take him out to a restaurant of his choice.  
The Lady of the house is reclining in her livingroom on her paper bag.  She is the bag lady extraordinaire!! I always ask for large grocery bags when I go to the grocery so that she always has a fresh "house" to crumple and fight with.  I am still of a mind to make a movie of her snoring as soon as that opportunity comes again.  There is something so sweet sounding about little cat snores. 
JoAnn..she is always appreciative of your greetings.  I always tell her. 
Happy Birthday dear and deeply loved son.  You and your brothers are such blessings to me.  Have the happiest of days, just as you made me happy one year on August 22 when you were born.  Love you always.