Poor Miles.  Yesterday, the birthday son was here and volunteered to see if he could get this web cam going.  Now if anyone knows what they are doing..it is he.  Consider his profession after all.  But..all his work was in vain and he found there seemed to be nothing but the camera body as it were inside of the computer.  No nothing else. Believe me..the preliminaries as in looking for drivers, etc etc etc all were done.  After an hour, he got into an on-line chat with an HP tech.  Apparently they have canned responses no matter what you tell them.  After a  considerable waste of time going thru all he had already told them he had done and they suggested anyway…sigh… finally they stopped with the canned stuff. The first of ultimately two  technicians came to the conclusion that indeed…the body was present in the computer and that was it.  As Miles is certainly under warranty, the technician suggested sending Miles back for repair/fixing, whatever it is.

After taking care of another matter that was suggested  by that tech as my son decided to do it again anyway as suggested just so we could say it had been done per their command (even though it had already been done) a new session had to be initiated to say how that worked out.  He got a far far far less competent technician that time..it was pitiful…took a LONG LONG time for their each response…minutes per canned response to come in…and despite having read the first chat session, this tech insisted on starting Miles afresh as though the computer just got here.  That reinstalling the whole thing would do the trick he/she maintained.  Not.  If there is NO connection and there is not..nothing but a lens here..ain’t nothing you can do.  The thing is defective in that it is lacking what I paid extra for i.e. a web cam.

I will keep you apprised but I believe it will be going back to where it came from.  I hate that in a way as I must re-use my old guy and all my info is on this one as well.etc etc etc.  I don’t want to wipe it of my email (banking stuff is all I am concerned with and no, I don’t want to have to delete it) so I feel a small dilemma here with personal privacy.

All is backed up however..so..we’ll see.  It was so good of my son to spend an extra 2 hrs here with me wrestling with HP and Miles. 

We had a great dinner.  He chose Appl*bees and I had that smothered grilled chicken I spoke of before. MY gosh, that is THE singlemost enjoyable meal they offer, to me.

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes.  He was here and read them.  You made a mom proud of her blog family.

There should be a Farmer’s Market this morning.  If I don’t get my face on and get out of this outfit I have on, I won’t know.  Better come with me….