When I saw that Delta commercial while watching the Olympics, I had to smile.  Not only was the commercial a funny one but it reminded me of my hummingbirds poised to fly back to their winter homes in Mexico and Central America.

A friend asked me if my hummingbirds were as fat as hers.  She lives maybe a mile up the street from me.  I told her that for about a month now, mine have been draining the feeder to the point that I have to refill it every 36 hours or so.  And I was looking at those little sweeties’ contours and they are decidedly rotund for hummingbirds.  I have already blogged about their migration so I won’t do that again.  However it is very obvious that these hummingbirds are indeed fueling up for the long arduous trip.  In these past 4 days, I still have some nectar in the feeder..so they have begun to slow down. 

I smiled at some of the comments last blog.  Some were skimming and thought that Miles is my son.    He may as well be.

Meanwhile, all the grass outside everywhere in town is brown and dormant.  The city charges so much money for water and even more for sewer..no way out of the sewer payment for watering plants..that no one much waters, and we are still in an "exceptional drought".  The leaves on some trees, notably Maples, are turning yellow, and there are too many falling.  I had to sweep off the deck of yellow dry leaves this morning.  Everything is suffering.

I bought 4, 12 pks. of Pepsi for $10.00 this early afternoon.  Again, that was certainly better than the horrendous 5$ a 12 pk. a week or so ago.

I did get to the Farmer’s Market yesterday.  I have all your stuff here that you said that you wanted me to get for you.  When are you going to pick it up?? It’s in the kitchen.  Come and git it.

I don’t have a thing to say guys.  I’d rather sit across the table and chit chat…give and take.  Oh, and Miss Catt has lifted her moratorium on taking pictures of her..or videos..so maybe if she does some sweet little snores, I can capture that before she hears me fumbling with the camera.  It’s in my purse..I need to go get it to have handy so she won’t hear the computer chair squeak when I try to sneak out of here to get it.  She’s in her basket.  Asleep.