More like dancing with some of the stars.  For pity sakes.  Cloris Leachman at eighty some years of age? 

If the pros on the show would like to add some wins to their side of the column, they aren’t going to do it with 80 years old ladies, no matter how we have admired said lady in her roles of the past.  My query is how can she get past a waltz?  Of course, she’s pretty lively so she will at least get half as far as Presley did and she’s, Presley, is moving along some at 60 something years old. But surely having fragile contestants puts quite a strain on the professionals who have to work around all that and forgo any thought of winning at the end.  I’d say Kim Kardashian will lose some weight.  She’s a curvy beauty for sure right now.  By the time they get her to the 6th week she’ll be pencil thin.  As for the beach volley ball player..forgot her name..she should do alright assuming she’s trainable.  Susan Lucci is in her 60’s also I think…Senior Dancing With the Stars.

It is raining for the second day.  My guesstimate was fairly accurate.  Not a quarter of an inch of rain yesterday but .20.  Close..and almost a cigar.

I am going to re-start Weight Watchers this morning.  The weight I added when I quit smoking several years ago is, unhappily, still here.  I am still wearing my same clothes but they are stuffed with me to the max.  I already know how to do WW but I don’t have any accountability.  Apparently my knowing isn’t enough.  I could start smoking again and the problem would be solved.  But…I may have told you about a magazine I was flipping through on a midnight shift when nothing was happening just before I quit somoking.  The ad was a public service ad in a prominent woman’s mag.  Full color and two pages.  That was quite an ad for the magazine to donate (Glamour..they deserve the plug) Anyway, it showed a young woman standing on  sidewalk outside of a department store window.  She was gazing at two size 0, thin, stylish mannequins in bikinis wishing she could have a physique like that.  The mannequins had cigarettes in their hands as did the girl looking at them through the window. 

The ad simply stated at the bottom  "Dying to be thin"?  So, when I think about re-starting smoking as an "activity" to do rather than eat, I remember all over again the terrible health consequences. So many of we women, and some men too gain weight after quitting and agonize about that and start smoking again.  I have and will continue to resist that mode of thinking.  But I don’t like the weight I gained..hence..Weight Watchers again, finally.

So..what shall I make if any one shows up for the weekend?  If it’s a son, it had better not be a lettuce leaf.