I did as I said I would and went to the Weight Watcher’s meeting yesterday.  I stayed for the entire thing.  What with buying the 6 weeks in advance I saved the registration fee.  I bought the updated two important books that are offered…Dining Out and the other one that tells you all the points for whatever it is you are going to eat.  The kit they gave me after the weigh in was all inclusive of everything else. 

I came home about 1300, and managed to do the right thing the rest of the day and night.  Oh, I spent Monday’s and Tuesday’s extra 5 points each on fruit and popcorn. I even had a made -with- water no fat etc. hot chocolate.  Not too bad and it did keep me from worse. 

I could tell in the middle of the night that I was going to lose water weight.  I will leave it to your imagination how I knew.  I held out though until time to get up even if it killed me.  I was starved when I got up.  Good thing.  I am always hungry for breakfast but this time it was nice to be that empty. 

Instead of 2 eggs, I had one, with two pieces of diet bread.  An egg sandwich in other words. Instead of the treadmill first thing, I will head out to the grocery store and get more grapes and some no fat/low fat popcorn.  Treadmill later.

We got 3 inches of slow soaking rain.  That is just so wonderful.  Two days worth made up the three inches.  Fay did us in the South East a lot of good as we are all in a drought condition.  They showed the farmers in and around several Counties including this one on the local news last evening…standing in the rain and just rejoicing!  They showed two pictures as well.  One of a stunted blighted corn crop from last year and the healthier one this year.  Up till August this year we were doing fairly well on rain amounts.  The deficit from last year is still there and causing problems.

This computer will go back from whence it came some time late in the week.  It is under warranty of course and so back it goes at no cost to me and they will fix the webcam thing.  I would as soon just have that part of my money back but apparently that is not something they will do.  I still have the computer it replaced with no letters on the keyboard so it will be pressed back into service for the interim.

Gloomy out there but we’ll take it.  Supposed to be waning showers off and on for the rest of the day and then, a return to dry and sunny. I’ll get the laser light out and make someone else here run around for awhile.  She’ll nap better. then, get ready to leave.  I will take the camera but I have not found anything fit to take a picture of in weeks.  I’ll be on the lookout to catch someone snoring though.  That will be a different video if I ever make one.

Meanwhile..it’ll be fresh fruit when you stop by.  Just leave me enough grapes to get through the evening…please.