Don’t tell yourself that you’ll run to the store or whatever it is, and then do the treadmill because often times, you don’t do the treadmill.  I didn’t.

However, bright and early this morning I did.  I am still sweating and red of face.  I tossed around the weights which I WILL do again and I found some floor exercises to do.  Just a few and I will try those in a little while since my circulation is revving. 

This is the beginning of day 3 for the W.W. thing.  I am so encouraged from the water weight drop that I feel I may actually see at least 1 pound gone when I return next Tuesday.  Even my jammie looked better on me when I got up.  I’m used to logging what I eat so that isn’t a burden.  It will keep you honest for certain as long as you are really into the project.

Meanwhile I will say I had the camera at the ready last night when Miss Catt settled down for a pre -sleep nap.  I wasted some battery power keeping the camera at ready so as to catch the whisper of little snores.  But no.  No cooperation there whatsoever. 

Miles is grateful for all of the well wishes come his way for his upcoming surgery. His traveling box has not arrived as yet, surprisingly enough.  I thought it would be here Wednesday.  In case he loses his memory from the trauma, I have his thoughts and projects saved for him to retrieve when he returns to hearth and home.  He trusts me to keep him safe.
And *I* am grateful too for the well wishes for my project.  My size 10’s will not be stretched so that you can read the Declaration of Independence through them any more by the time I am finished.  Me’n’Miles’ll be ship shape here in a few months.  Him faster than I will be.
Now I will try the great ‘I have no idea how to do it’, plucking out of a photo in Vista’s arrangement, to put in this blog if I can.  It’s not the same as XP for sure.  Where’s the MAC when you need it?  Couldn’t find them.  It wasn’t filed into My Pictures.  It pu them somewhere else by default and I don’t see them right now.
I’m going to make a cherry pie this weekend.  I will apply duct tape to my mouth the entire weekend…you know how I can be when it comes to eating those.  Pound at a time is what I am referring to.  And when those go down sufficiently, I’m in there getting more to eat.  But I want to make one for someone else.  Maybe for "Billy Boy, Billy Boy".
I need to get in there on the floor.  I’ll tell you how I do if I am still able to get up.  That’s my red face outside your door step.  Do me a favor and let me in, give me some cold water and a towel.