I’ll just take a minute (I think).
Miles is sitting on my printer and soon he will be put into his mailer.  It took just over 4 hrs to do a system restore on him to wipe him of anything for his trip back to HP Land.  I can’t believe it took that long. 
I have been moving the beds (I have those discs called "Moving Men" to put under the legs of the beds so as to make moving them easy.  I found pulling my bed from the wall was easy..pushing it back, even with the Moving Men was another deal.  I was bent completely over at the waist with my hind legs straight out behind me, to get a good push.  Why all this?  Under the  beds are where Miss Catt likes to repose during the day for her beauty naps.  She sure is beautiful so you know without my saying that she takes plenty of them,  I wanted to get her fur imbedded in the carpet out.  Two reasons..one, because, and the other is, the carpet cleaners will be here Tuesday.  That pet sitter who brought in cat fleas has really left a living legacy.  I have given the cat Frontline + and while that helped..still there is the life cycle of the blasted things to deal with.  I vacuum every day and by the way, no flea bombs can be used.  Trying to get this thing into her pet carrier is like wrestling live and personal with the Tasmanian Devil, trust me.  So, since she never leaves the house anyway for sauntering out doors..the only time she leaves is for the Vet.  I ain’t going to stuff her into a carrier for 8 hrs. for a flea bomb to work. SO…she gets another Frontline+ today (a month has passed) and the cleaners will be here Tuesday.  It worked that other time a friend brought the things into the house from his 3 outside cats. 
It’s not to the stage of flea festation because she is medicated and I do vacuum a lot.  Just a few, but embarrassing and annoying both to the cat and to me.
Other than that, I have to get ready for the day.  I slipped a little yesterday..probably close to 30 points instead of 21, on my diet.  That darn cherry pie.  One of my sons was here and I made it for him to celebrate his brand new really great new job.  (Youngest son).  He was wanting a challange and now he has one.  He had tacos and the cherry pie to celebrate.  I didn’t eat any tacos but I sure had a piece of cherry pie.  The filling was sugar free hence it was 35 c. per 1/3 cup.  The crust was where it was.  A piece cost me about 7 points.  Oh well, we all gotta live.  That’s my excuse and I’l standing by it.
Sitting here is not getting my little face on.  I have places to go..people to dazzle..smiles to give and get.  Now tell me there is anything better than all that. 
Oldest will be here Sunday afternoon for overnight.  That means cooking.  I haven’t planned what yet. NO pie though, unfair as that seems.  There is a limit to my endurance.
I’m gone..enjoy the weekend. I’m going to, and I hope it is perfect for each one of you.