I am so grateful!  My oldest is here and he helped me trick Miss Catt into allowing me to apply the medicine  drops to the back of her neck. 

Yesterday I was unthinking enough to approach her with her brush in one hand (to soothe her (read trick her!) and then get the drops put on her) and an open vial of flea drops in the other.  I did not count on her smelling them and believe me, she did.  She allowed a few strokes of the brush, looked pointedly at my other hand and took off like a scalded cat!  Every time I came near her thru the rest of the day and thru the evening, she sniffed my hands thoroughly and was wary of all my movements.  Today, I waited till the oldest got here..asked him to comb her fur around her face and cheeks..she loves that..and while she was occupied thusly, I had the new vial of medicine in my hand and was able to apply it. I am so relieved.  One, she’ll feel better and two..the carpet cleaners will be here and I needed her medicated first.  I told another blogger just today that there are times I wish someone else was here.  I could use another pair of arms when it comes to handling this Missy here!!!

 She is so skittish..  One kind I applied caused her to leave and hide for a day and evening last summer when we went thru this with that friend I spoke of and his outdoor cats…I won’t buy those ever again.  These, she never even noticed them.  But the smell alerted her to a memory of a previous bad time.

His reward will be fried chicken made the good way and that is dredged in flour and fried in Crisco shortening.  Gravy, biscuits, & mashed potatoes and corn will make up the rest.  I will be having none of that.  I will have a frozen WW entree.  

Today, I stopped and got gas for $3.49 a gallon.  The cut off on the pump hose/handle did not work so all kinds of gasoline came out onto the concrete.  I had to pay for that.  I went in to tell them so that they might clean it up or at least put that gas pump out of service.

My tennies are out in the sun trying to get the gasoline smell off.  I had to track through it and I reeked till I got home and got them off.

By the way, you know how I have always asked you to take your pillows outside to let them air out and to soak up sun?  Well, when I was turning sleeplessly as though I were on a rotisserie last night, I got a whiff of fresh sunlit air each time I turned the pillow over for a cool place!  I had to smile every time my face met the pillow and that fresh scent was released.  Believe it when I say I thought of you all and how many times I told you to go out there and put your pillows in the sun.  Mine was there for 7 hours.  Even if you have a balcony..lay them out on a square of newspaper or something,

OK.  Lecture done..cat is medicated, chicken is waiting to be cooked…’taters too.  I am a happy girl.