It would appear that Miss Catt has accumulated 10 votes.  Enough to swing the election her way!  She said thank you for your votes and that she pledges to do everything in her power to put a mouse in every pot in this great Land.

I went to the Weight Watchers meeting with a good breakfast in my belly and 2 cups of coffee with one diet coke.  When I was weighed it was a two pound loss.  May have been a little more had I not eaten nor drunk any liquids.  But..may as well face the music just as I was doing the first time I went with breakfast aboard.  I thought it would be more and it may actually be another pound because my clothes are less snug enough for me to notice.  However, I will continue to have my breakfast before I go.  In any event it sure beats gaining weight.  I have made a mistake however in not counting the points for all my fresh grape snacks (trying to keep from anything else worse for me).  Now I have begun to include those in my daily accounting.  Have no idea why I thought that wasn’t important before as it certainly is.

I had banking to do..shifting money… so after the meeting I went to the bank.  I asked him if he had ever been to their flagship bank in North Carolina, Charlotte to be exact.  He said no, that he had not.  I went into paeans of praise about the beautiful architecture of its design and mentioned also that it is the tallest of the sky scrapers there.  That building is beautiful inside and outside.  There are pictures in my blog pictures or one of the few albums I have, of the uptown Charlotte skyline.  And the one I take the most pictures of is the Bank of America.  That’s my bank and the prize taker (if there was a prize offered!) of any building they have or could build in the rest of the City.  LOVE that building.  My camera comes out every time no matter how I try to resist.  You ought to see the inside!  Gees Louise! ALL the bank buildings in Charlotte are lovely.  Mine is the best though.  I’ve practically courted a wreck on the Interstate I-85, gawking at the skyline despite having seen it for 10 years, as I approach my favorite City of them all.

Carpet cleaners are coming tomorrow at high noon.  I have already noticed a lessening of what remained of her flea plague and this  carpet cleaning should do the rest in well and good.

I have had 1 egg and toast this morning.  2 W.W. cookies around noon to hold me while banking etc., and 2 bunches of red grapes as soon as I came in.  I only have 15 points left for the day!  However…speaking as a diva, I am having a great hair day!! So, that makes it all better.  When I get a few things done here I will go back to tend to more diva business and hold a flashing neon sign in my hand as I go about, with it pointing to my gorgeous hair!

On that note, as Paul would say, I’m outta here.