"Did you ever notice…."  As I was going to a meeting today I noticed something on a more conscious level this time.  I have been noticing that in my area at least, the majority of automobile colors are:  White (or some form i.e. ivory)  variations of gray, variations of red, and black.  A few in a shade of blue, fewer still in some shade of green.  Yellow is the least seen. Some form of white or red seem the most frequent with gray and then black. 

I have also been noticing another thing.  Next time I am with one of my sons (I won’t ask any male companions lest they get torqued at the silly question) and I see them do this I will ask why it’s more comfortable for them.  What, you ask?  Well, almost always, when I am behind or beside a male driver of any age..his hand, more notably the left one, but not always, is at the top position on the steering wheel.  12 o’clock position.  They seem to drive that way.  One hand..12 o’clock.  If not, then the right hand, same position.  Also, their arm is straight out with no bend at all at the elbow.  I tried that and liked to have had a wreck.  I guess my particular female way works best for me.  My widdle hands at 8 and 3 o’clock, arms bent  at the elbows somewhat. 

And then, no matter what color of car is being driven, or where the drivers hands are positioned…did you ever notice when you are behind them waiting in line to pull out onto the roadway, that  there is always a high volume of traffic coming and going AND—-AND—that the driver in front of you will inevitably want to turn left, leaving you cooling your heels because that decision to turn against both flows of traffic means negotiating his or her crossing the on-coming traffic and the flow you would have been in if you decided to turn right instead ,and turn around at the next intersection.  Oh well.  As long as you make it home in time for supper.

I just got an email that tells me Molly from UpNorth is willing to be Miss Catt’s running mate. Whew. After I paid for all those campaign posters…it would have been a tragedy if she decided not.  Then I would have to go take them all  one down!  We’re in good hand..um, I mean paws.  They are a shoo-in!

I also went to a lunch and did not eat..despite the great smells in there. Please give a resounding cheer there at your house for me.  That took some will power.    I came home and had a big bowl of grapes and a WW bar.  4 total points.

Done with my rambles…from place to place.

I’ve been to see most all of you in the past 18 hrs.  About time to lace on the tennies and go back and see who is stirring now.