I headed out for a few errands this morning and had with me a 15% off coupon I printed that Penney’s had sent me.  I thought I would check out the silver..see if anything was on sale and do even better with my extra 15% OFF.  I found gold disc earrings that match the very necklace I happened to be wearing today.  What a co-inky-dink!!! (seriously, that was)  I didn’t see anything else that was particularly alluring so I headed over to the lingerie department.  Unmentionables if you will.

That’s where I met my doom.  Two undergarments later..on sale of course, and a new top to go over them..I made my way out of Penney’s.  That place can be lethal to the pocketbook.  Speaking of which, I am a shoe, hat and purse-a-holic.  They had the purses on sale…oh, it was hard not to buy one.  I have too many as it is.  For me it’s too many.  Some women may have more but I have a good 10 hanging on the hanger back of the closet door.  My shoes…oh wow.  I just gave away about 10 pair. That leaves me with about 18 pair left.  Gave a way a bunch of hats too. None of my newsboy one’s though.

I almost veered into ..no..I DID veer into one more women’s store before I had the gumption to leave the Mall.  I tried hard to find something to jump up and say "buy me..buy me" but it didn’t happen.  That’s where I get my prettier tops too.  Just nothing appealed.

I was just gone to change the bird bath water and take up the hose from watering the three new azalea bushes.  They were new back in April.  They have never really taken hold well and I personally think they are not very good ones.  The others all do OK with the rain I get but these three..just never took hold. 


My next door neighbor has a snake pit next door.  They are nice people (the ones with the 4 daughters from 4-14 yrs of age) BUT as they are leasing to own (I had never heard of that  term for house buying till them) they apparently don’t care at all about the back and side yards.  Their horrible weeds are encroaching on me.  Let me go out and take a picture.  But before I do, I’ll say bye and hope to see you. I’ll post a pic later if I take one.  I hope every one is having a good weekend.