I can’t believe I have a newly made up bed with clean outdoorsy smelling sheets and pillows on the bed and Miss Catt isn’t in there testing them.  She always goes up there and makes a nest in the counterpane within an hour of making the bed.  But today she didn’t. I think I just saw a piece of the sky that is surely falling.

I had just sat down here and there was a tapping on the door.  Turned out to be the next door neighbor, the dad, who found himself locked out of his house and no phone besides.  So he used mine to call his wife.  Now the kids are here using the bathroom.  Judging from the sounds in there, probably exploring it as well.

At least they all took off their shoes (I never ask anyone to..but most see that I don’t wear them in here so they take them off too.  Nice.)   It’s especially nice because I just had the carpets cleaned as I blogged about.  So far, so good where her flea remains are concerned.  She had her flea meds..a few days later the carpets were steam cleaned.  Fingers are crossed.  I wish I didn’t have to depend on strangers to take care of my pet when I try to make a trip.  You see what happened.  If you work in a Vet office sometimes you are bound to bring fleas into a house.  But it is extremely costly to get rid of them.

Thank goodness for Progresso  brand 0 point soups out there to save me from eating something I should not.  I decided if I want to mindlessly eat, I would give myself permission to have all the oatmeal and beans my little tummy can hold.  No need to be hungry thataway!  You realize of course what I really want is something sweet.  It’s better for me to completely do without sweets in any form as I am like an ad*ic* where they are concerned.  It’s easier to just not have any than it is to have a little bit.  With me there is no such thing as a little bit.  It’s all or nothing. I choose nothing.  Only exception is hot chocolate which is the diet type..30 calories.  That’s sweet and chocolaty. But not so good that I would have to down the entire box.

I hope you all had a great weekend and that today was restful before taking up the reins to ride on in to work tomorry!

Oh..and no, the neighbor is not doing a natural yard.  It’s called flat out lazy and uncaring. And the chainlink fence doesn’t keep out a lot but it is helping to keep the weeds more to his side.  It is beyond the fence I was griping about..there is no barrier beyond and the weeds and shrubs are encroaching on my land. and growing up on the fence too, which *I* have to maintain if I want the fence to look decent.  I own the land down to the County line..the fence is just enclosing a little area more or less, for when the kids were small.  I so wanted to say something while he was here.  BUT no use in starting anything at this point.

See ya later.