Yesterday as I mentioned, the neighbor next door found himself and his 4 kids w/o a key to the house and his wife had his cell phone what’s more.  Hence he knocked asking of he could use my phone and a little later the kids wanted to use the bathroom.’s the thing I wonder about..he was at great pains to speak of his plan to mow.  He said it three times.  No matter that I was crouched at the corner of my house (in one of the pictures I posted you can see the down spout of my guttering on the left side of the frame.  Did he see me taking those 2 pictures?  Go figure how. I should not have been particularly visible.  OR is it a co-inky-dink? Anyway, happily by early evening he was out back doing the postage stamp sized back part only, and very badly.  The mower clogged with every third step or so and he had to bounce the mower  hard to the ground to dislodge the weeds.  So it is rough mown and that’s better than it was.

I found two Christmas presents today.  I have them put away.  I barely have a start.  Maybe 10 things altogether.  I would say what it is as it’s interesting. But it is for a son and he reads this.

Miss Catt has hired on a Campaign Manager in the purrson of Midnight, who is a senior level cat belonging to Karin in Canada.  I like that International slant Miss Catt’s speeches will have now.  After all, she is also going to run for Prime Minister of Canada as well.  She can run two Countries as well as one.  Females are excellent at multi-tasking, are they not?  No sweat there.  Simba  who is a member of Midnight’s entourage, will assist with travelling arrangements.

Meanwhile I am having a knock ’em dead hair day.  I have charmed the Utility persons who came to dig out the too covered up gas meter.  They willl make a square shaped hole around it and board it uo, or shore it up that way instead of the draconian measures they had darkly hinted at.  Whew.  I must say I do look good for now.  That’s because I was out.  Good thing I had not scraped my hair up onto the top of my head yet (it’s humid and hot hot hot) and still had something pretty on.  Can’t charm them away from the bobcat they brought if  I don’t make a good presentation.  (kidding..I am sure they were going for the way that caused the least problems for them).

My hair is to the middle of my back..or close enough.  I am going to have to break down and let her cut some of it off.  It is thick and heavy.  I feel like I am carrying a heating pad up there it is so hot.  The stylist always comments that my hair is as thick as fur.  It grows so quickly too.  I have been asked by stylists more than once what do I eat as my hair grows so fast.  Not much meat hardly and  lotsa veggies. 

I bought some things for scrap booking.  Just too hot to bother.  Yes, I have a/c but I do craft things better when it’s cooler.  I need to do some embroidery too.  I do anything but I avoid cross stitch as much as I can.  I have done that yes, but prefer not to.  To me it’s boring.  Yet I am looking up on the wall at birth announcements some done in a lot of cross stitch.  That is what was available as a pattern at the time.  I have done freehand drawing to make designs and sew..but when you haven’t the time or inclination you buy a stamped piece and work with that.

I’m going to go flirt with the guys..see you later.