Went to WW this morning.  Lost 1.8 pounds.  I have been eating so much fruit I was sure I had stayed steady or even maybe gained a half a pound.  That was a pleasant surprise to see I had lost again.  Learned something too that only people who go to WW will understand.  Progresso soup, as an example, with WW logo on it says 0 points.  But today’s lesson is..you have to use your points calculator slider and see what the whole can is since most will eat the entire can as a meal thinking it is 0 points.  I thought..why not 0 points?  But she said you have to double all the nutrient ingredients (assuming there are 2 servings in the can) (triple, if three etc etc) and figure the points.  It would be 2.  I was amazed and horrified.  That means the sugar and fat free puddings I eat (too many of them at once) are not the mere 2 points I thought.  Eating several one has to recalculate and see the extra points then.  It’s always more than if you just doubled in your mind.  Yuk.  But it will explain why you don’t loose as much as you think you should have.  It’s because you may have had points eaten that you are unaware of.  That little cushion of 5 points a day can only cover…5 points!  Not all of your unknowing mistakes too.

Meanwhile I got a delightful comment from Karin yesterday with an undate provided by Midnight on Miss Catt and Molly’s race for the Presidency and Vice Presidency.  I will include it here as a cut and paste:

Hannah, Mattias and Noah’s Grand

September 08 2:54 PM


News Bulletin to Miss Catt from her campaign managers and speech writers… Midnight and Simba:   Word on the street has it that Miss Catt is in the "Cat Bird Seat".  Her last speech was absolutely furrtastic, quite simply the cat’s meow.  A reputable airline, here in Canada (Feline Flights Incorporated) has made available, at no charge to us the use of one of their jets…word has it that this particular jet is comparable to Air Force One.  Way too go Miss Catt !! The World is your litter box…time to clean it up!!

Sincerely, from your faithful entourage, Midnight and Simba!!

Now there’s solid and encouraging news.  Paul  of Thepicplace added a wonderful campaign poster to the pictures on his site.  She is winning at all the media polls!  Her answers to the press corp are swift and sure.  Molly is out campaigning on vital issues as well, not allowing any tawdry commentary or disrespect.    Go TEAM!


  This campaign poster is courtesy of Paul at thepicplace.  As you can see, the most excellent symbolism shows here that Miss Catt and Molly have  it covered…White House and all.