As it turns out the Utility persons really were going to dig up my just 5 month old newly landscaped yard.  I mentioned that possibility day before yesterday when I blogged about the gas meter and the men here.  I was concerned about it as they had come out a week ago and ground marked the water line and the gas line.  I knew I was likely going to be in for it.  Rather than call and complain/speak to an anonymous person at the other end who is always snippy and un-caring, I decided to wait as I had been told what day they would be here.  So, when they did, Bobcat in tow, I dimpled and smiled and asked if they didn’t think it would be just a simple and good idea to dig around the meter and expose the metal as that is what the Utility company was concerned about.  The fact that the mulch was piled up to within 8 inches of where the meter is read.  The concern was, as it is steel, that there would be or perhaps already was, rust.

The guys agreed that it seemed the better way to dig a they went back to the City yard and got wood…came back, dug a hole around the meter and lined it  (the hole) in box fashion, with wood.  Carried the dirt removed to a small hole-like depression I had in the yard from trees being cut down and stumps ground.  That was that and sitting there in the step smiling and talking  and being polite was a small price to pay to keep my $2000.00 investment intact..that being my landscaping.  Even they said they didn’t want to tear up the yard.  Good hair days pay off sometimes.

I am stalling.  The treadmill is in there..I can hear it’s subliminal whispers…"GIT IN HERE!!!!!!!" I have my socks on..shorts, tank top, and stalling.  Even my shoes are lined up patiently waiting.  I have to face it..I gotta git ‘er done. 

I took the day partially off yesterday WW wise.  Had a break and ate a couple (spaced thru the day) of BLT’s.  Yum.  Won’t be able to get those big Grainger County tomatos any more before long.

Maybe the treadmill will turn on and  inch its way out of the house and take a ride up the street?  If I wait long enough?  I am looking forward to really cold cold days when I get all layered up and head off up the street…gasping and groaning till I get used to the steepness again.  It’s just hot and humid and I don’t want to deal with that discomfort.  That’s what the treadmill (which is waiting) is for.  OK.  I’ll go.   Sigh.

By the way, if you wonder what on earth I keep doing as I  call back the already published blog, I am revising the font.  I forget to make it larger print for you all’s ease in I have to come back and re-do.  You may say ‘why not just set it for large font’.  The answer is for some reason with Mozilla, it won’t "take" and stay that way.  It reverts back to small after a paragraph or so.  Hence, I re-call the blog and enlarge the font again after I have already published..’cause I don’t think of that the first time I hit publish. Usually.